Pro-homosexual Archdiocese of NY and Papal Committee Had

Famous Homosexual Activist Serve as Lector During Pope Francis’ NYC Mass

CMTV posts his lewd video online as several million terrified Faithful Catholics inch toward the Schism Synod

Margret Sanger’s grandson Alexander Sanger is a board member of Planned Parenthood

Little Sanger stated publicly that the Pope did right in not mentioning any wrong doing of Planned Parenthood’s in his USA Trip and that he does so because he (supposedly) knows that Catholics use PP and benefit from PP

No comment from the Papacy on Sanger or on Planned Parenthood or the war raging in Congress to defend Natural Law and Catholic teaching

From the editor and chief of ‘Inside the Vatican’ came the disclosure between him and an anonymous Cardinal voting in the Conclave in an alley way in Rome -“The Church is living in dangerous times, he said (and asks the journalist, even though the Cardinal already knows the outcome of the Conclave before it’s closure) to pray for their souls- On the  Moynihan Letters

Psalm 9

Unto the end, for the hidden things of the Son. A psalm for David. I will give praise to thee, O Lord, with my whole heart: I will relate all thy wonders.I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing to thy name, O thou most high.When my enemy shall be turned back: they shall be weakened and perish before thy face.For thou hast maintained my judgment and my cause: thou hast sat on the throne, who judgest justice.Thou hast rebuked the Gentiles, and the wicked one hath perished: thou hast blotted out their name for ever and ever.The swords of the enemy have failed unto the end: and their cities thou hast destroyed. Their memory hath perished with a noise.but the Lord remaineth for ever. He hath prepared his throne in judgment:and he shall judge the world in equity, he shall judge the people in justice.And the Lord is become a refuge for the poor: a helper in due time in tribulation.And let them trust in thee who know thy name: for thou hast not forsaken them that seek thee, O Lord.Sing ye to the Lord, who dwelleth in Sion: declare his ways among the Gentiles:For requiring their blood he hath remembered the: he hath not forgotten the cry of the poor.Have mercy on me, O Lord: see my humiliation which I suffer from my enemies.Thou that liftest me up from the gates of death, that I may declare all thy praises in the gates of the daughter of Sion.


From the annals of small “t” tradition we are reminded of Order- Honor- Tradition and Courage amongst US Military songs “Anchors Aweigh”  a spirited fight song of the United States Navy. Composed as a march in 1906 it quickly became one of the most popular songs of in the Navy’s repertoire. The singers fondly bid farewell to their college days on the last night before setting sail, where, by putting honor and duty above all, the boys will become men. -Lyrics

Anchors aweigh, my boys,
Anchors aweigh.
Farewell to college joys,
We sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay.
Through our last night ashore,
Drink to the foam,
Until we meet once more.
Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home.

Blue of the seven seas:
Gold of God’s great sun.
Let these our colors be
Till all of time be done, done, done, done.
On seven seas we learn
Navy’s stern call:
Faith, courage, service true,
With honor, honor, over all.

Anchors Aweigh was composed by Lieut. Charles A. Zimmermann USN. To ‘weigh’ anchor is an archaic term that means to bring it aboard, free of the seabed so that the ship may depart.

The traditional folk tune may be heard via Tradition In Action – link