Some excellent objective articles – a breath of fresh air amongst the polluted propagandized air we are force to break as of late 

“Thoughts On Catholic Fundamentalism” by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Link to color pdf below

Thoughts On Catholic Fundamentalism by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

A Polite Well Balanced Apologia on The Pope and The Current Modern Dispositions Of The Church

The presentation of Religious Liberty is presented in a distorted fashion that deviates from Catholicism

On the other hand the Infallible Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are clear and of a very different ‘crystal’ and can be read in detail in Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical on correct human and religious liberty

Libertas Praestantissimum

Also in the Papal Congressional Address the Pontiff spent the majority of the time on an issue unrelated to the current crisises, if not contributing to it.

The Abolishment of Catholic Punishment

A Corrective via established Roman Catholic teaching on this subject can be found at the following link

There are hundreds of thousands of faithful Catholics that are wishing to ramp up the Restoration Movement in the Catholic Church and into the Reconstruction of Beauty (as seen below) along with proper orthodox Catholic doctrine and penitence but it is forestalled on a widespread level because what is being foisted on the faithful Laity is the honor and duty of the work of the coming Catholic Resistance Movement

We will wait until the close of the Synod for final disposition but this is a heads up as to where we are headed – This is NOT new ground There has been several Pontificates over the centuries where Catholics were forced – in order to preserve the Truth of the Faith to form a Resistance movement and were indoctrinated to play an active role

Cardinal Leo Raymond Burke also stated as well that it may become necessary for faithful Catholics to form a resistance against the teachings of this Pope

Terry Dune’s Gorgeous Photography posting of the Dominican Rite Mass recently offered at Saint Marys in Minneapolis

High Altar Construction Replacement Then Begins At All Saints Church Minneapolis – The Truth begins to spread (Video)

As we head to Central Park tomorrow to pray for this Pope of ours let us keep in mind the narrower way required of us ……….a return to the Crucifix …there is no passage way around the hill of Calvary

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