Despite widespread objection to today’s Canonization of Juniper Serra and false accusations of cultural colonization

the objections are for the wrong reasons – suppression of the paganism of the Indians for the evangelization of the Truth and the establishment of the Missions seems to be the majority theme running though the weirdness of the university professors and supposed Indian history

Bl Serra (now Saint declared  new Feast day July 1st) was a powerful proselytizer for Absolute Truth and a Franciscan Roman official of the Spanish inquisition

The liberalism of suspending the Canon law required second miracle in order to time with a US visit is what is the objectionable part

On the plane ride into the US from Cuba, Pope Francis met with press and addressed comments and accusations the he is considered by many to be leftist leaning Pope and by even some as an anti-Pope – Francis #1 addressed those frank questions directly and denied those accusations

An alternate view is presented by Dr. John Rao here in the US

Hail the Conquering Hero! A Willful America’s Adulation For a Willful Pope

Father Thomas Rosica ( the US trip spokesperson – & press organizer)  is appalled that anyone would question the guest list of the White House that he helped organize – no matter how radical the attendees

The transcript of the Pope’s talk with President Obama

What Did Pope Francis Say About The Current Raging Crisis of The Unborn In the US at the White House on One Peter Five and today’s start of 40 Days For Life

In the real news….. Today’s “Start of 40 Days For Life”

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