Tomorrow Wednesday Friday and Saturday are Michaelmas Ember Days –

It is one of the four seasons of Penitence – The week is the fulfillment of the Jewish Feasts of Atonement and always follows The Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Saint Helena mother of Constantine)

The Institute of Christ the King as well as the Pastor of Holy Innocents – Father Leonard Villa are urging Catholics back to penitence on these days-and to observe them

Some offerings include Abstinence from meat – a one meal fast – doubling one’s prayers – attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass….etcetera

The calculation of the fall harvest Ember Days of the natural season in the Liturgical Sciences can be found here

The background on Ember Days including colors, recipes, flowers, and prayers to use can be found here –

Example – In small “t” catholic tradition The weather from each proto-types the kind of weather we will get in the coming months – Tomorrow will typify October – Friday – November and Saturday December (No word on whether Pope Francis Encyclical predictions on weather in Laudato Si will affect Catholic traditions of antiquity)

On Thursday 09/24/15

There will be a special Traditional Mass at 6pm at Holy Innocents NYC for the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom otherwise known as Our Lady of Mercy

Holy Innocents at Pentecost _014

On Friday  09/24/15

The Holy Father will be in Central Park in Procession and speaking (in multiple languages) to over a million people – Tickets were reserve but if you go there will always be a way and or tourists that will bail out and give away their tickets at the last minute -Always – – Admission begins before 12pm and the gates close at 330pm

When the Holy Father addresses the United Nations in NY earlier that same day – there was originally intending to be a royal guard ceremony for the 1st time the Papal Flag is to the fly at the United Nations – Instead the office of the Holy See has agreed to #1 forgo any ceremony and have the Catholic flag raised at the same time and height alongside the Palestinian flag – to which the mason led management of the NY Times celebrated as symbolic victory today in their write up

The deal was of course brokered by Archbishop Bernardito Auza our seat of equality with all other nations at the united nations

Saturday evening Sept 26th at 7:00pm

There will be a lecture conference at 7pm with guest speaker Charles A. Coulumbe ( Writer, historian, Traditional Catholic, monarchist, and  Knight) The topic will be Catholic Restoration and the relationship of Church and State @ 7pm Holy Innocents NYC

See the following link for more info

Tickets are $20 at the door but for people with multi members and/or families of multiple folks – Half price can be worked out with Jon Mangin by contacting him in advance or call toll free 1-877-845-3798.

On Sunday Sept 27th

Sacred Heart in Clifton returns to the regular offering of the traditional Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – 5:00pm

The  traditional High Mass of the 18th Sunday of Pentecost Season begins at 5:00pm – Please see the flyer ~ at the link for more details

CliftonNJ_Sacred HeartLatinMassFlier092715

Monday and into Tuesday Saint Patrick’s Cathedral NYC will host an all day and all night  the veneration of Saint Maria Goretti’s relics Fresh from their visit to the families of the Gorettis in the their home Diocese of Newark NJ and their veneration with the public at Sacred Heart Basilica following a Pontifical Novus Ordo with Archbishop J Meyers, the 1st class relic of her full skeletal body housed in wax in a glass sarcophagus will stay in the Cathedral right into the Feast of the Archangel Michael

Links for more details — below 

The Body

Saint Maria Goretti _ MIC9917-reliq-1024x442

On Monday evening the 28th

Catholic Philosophy and Theology Class – Fall Semester begins with Father John Perricone PhD – with a basis in the very clear and time honored Baltimore Catechism and Saint Thomas Aquinas Scholastics @ Jersey City’s – Saint Anthony of Padua -Church Hall – Now every second Monday 7:00pm to 9:00pm

See color flyer for more details on the link

Fall Semester – The Baltimore Catechism and Saint Thomas Aquinas – Jersey City NJ

On Tuesday evening the 29th

1st Class Feast Day High Mass for Saint Michael the Archangel – sponsored by the NY Patrolman’s Fraternity of Saint Michael  – begins at 6pm following close of Adoration at 5:45pm Benediction – Veneration of the day’s relic and the Angelus at 6:00 bells- @ Holy Innocents -NYC

See flyer for more details

Flyer For The Feast of Saint Michael @ Holy Innocents NYC

October 1st – 2nd and 3rd Thursday evening Friday all day and evening and Saturday day

The Society For Catholic Liturgy has their conference is in NYC this year- It seems everyone wants to have their events in NY this year

For a who’s who of heavy hitters in Catholic Liturgical restoration please see the flyer and the link for details – registration and full breakdown of agenda for those wishing to attend partial event/speakers

Society For Catholic Liturgy Conference 2015

Ave Maria

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