The brand new Bishop Kansas of Missouri, James Johnston, announces this week immediately following his Consecration that the focus of his See will be # 1 Children Protection #2 the Traditional Latin Mass Offered in the Cathedral of Kansas City everyday of the week #3 the restoration of Sacred Tradition

His Holy Eminence is an Order Bishop of the Holy Sepulchral

Sounds like Kansas City just became a restoration City and a good place to plan a 3 day Holiday weekend to visit sometime in the near future

 A Mother Writes About Seeing the Mass of The Ages For the First Time

What is it about the theology of the Old Rite For and Against ?

Simple –

Modernism is partnered with Eccesial Freemasonry and has infiltrated every facet of the world and the charge is being led by a restored partnership between US (English ) Freemasonry and the European Grand Orient

The Old Catholic Rite to this day is at war with this old culture of death that created the new culture of death

It’s #1 target is the children and education

Catholic Common Core Education was one of their newest inventions and includes gender awakening ideology “Man must be allowed to become anything he chooses to be ” The definition of Masonic freedom no longer freedom as defined as freedom from sin but freedom if desired to sin -legally defended as a right

It’s flooding the airwaves – movies – tv – radio print – and now store products & advertising with it’s message – Gender ideology has now entered cartoons and the toy departments as seen here in this special report on What  Minions Are

Minions !

It can only be fought by the Traditional Catholic faith and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

All of these new forms are promoting a new religion  in different ways united by an ideology of religious indifference

Pope Pius wrote infallibly on several occasions about the evils of religious indifference

Here in brief is one of many examples of one of his declarations on the matter

” In 1949, Pope Pius XII ordered that, in opposition to such “dangerous indifferentism“,Catholic doctrine must be propounded and explained in its totality and in its integrity. It is not permitted to pass over in silence or to veil in ambiguous terms what is comprised in the Catholic truth on the true nature and stages of justification, on the constitution of the Church, on the primacy of jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff, on the unique true union by the return of separated Christians to the one true Church of Christ”

These new forms of the Liturgy such as The Catholic Women of Zion, Trenton NJ and other Churches and groups within the Charismatic milieu are creating a different religion

Without a word being said (and you could analyze many a word that is said)

Just look at the ministry of the Catholic Church of Catholic Women of Zion itself

And please tell me what religion this is ?!

The presider chair is in the center of the Altar – (even a High Priest – our Bishops – the authentic ones would not dare to do that during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)

There is no tabernacle anywhere in the picture of the Altar of the Sanctuary not even to the side

There is no longer a Catholic Crucifix above a Catholic Altar and tabernacle but a Resurexifix of Jesus set to “celebrate” the memorial of the last supper and the resurrection – Not the re-enactment of Calvary for the substitutionary atonement for the propritiation of sins by the offering of the perfect spotless victim – the lamb that was slain – our High Priest and crucified King by uniting our suffering and death to sin that is called the center of Catholic Faith and worship, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass but instead “a celebration”

Women altar servers – women lectors playing guitar on the Sacrificial Altar in violation of I don’t know how many Benedict XVI encyclicals – Papal Letters – Books (The Spirit of the Liturgy) and teachings speaking against same (at least a dozen )

Women handing out communion in the hand to other women

This may possibly be some form of Christianity but I assure you It’s not Catholicism

The Mass theology is that of Martin Luther – The worship service space is Methodist – as you can see from walking into any Methodist assembly hall

Girls playing guitars on a Altar where there is about to be a priestly Sacrifice ?!…..I mean think about that …….?! We have Sacred Scripture amnesia occurring before our eyes

People that read theology know what it’s all about The Rights of Man and the Rights of God are fought for here in these new ages catholic/protestant assembly halls to be put on equal footing and Christ the King and the Ancient Faith is taken down and hidden

See here -inset – double click for larger photo – right on the internet without embarrassment

Catholic Women Of Zion - Hetrodox Photo_002

Catholic Women Of Zion - Hetrodox Photo_003

Here is a Catholic Mass underway in the 1950s the same as the paintings of Masses underway in any century – It could be the 1350s or the 1450s it looks no different

Lex Credendi Lex Orendi – The way of pray and worship is the way of belief

Saint Marys Indianapolis

Look here – even a Bishop would never sit in the center in a high chair and face the people ,,,,,,that’s the teachings of the grand lodges of masonry !

Catholic Cathedral & Bishop

There are two Catholic Encyclicals that should be required reading for every Catholic in the world today –

Humanum Genus by Pope Leo XIII

On the teachings – philosophies -ideologies – theologies and politics of masonry both within and outside of the Church to be the antithesis of Catholicism and he declares it to be a time honored AUTOMATIC excommunication only rescinded by the Office of the Holy See

Pascendi Dominici Gregis by Saint Pope Pius X –

Here the Pontiff speaks with the highest authority against the specific doctrines of Modernism entering the Church and their specific unacceptable heresies

We are entering what they term the “Naturalism”  phase of it’s implementation in the Catholic theology and liturgy where they achieved the impossible of getting the majority of Catholics that are still going to Mass following the post conciliar revolution to defend religious indifference – deferred judgment, suppression of Canon Law – suppression of the doctrines and dogmas of preconciliar Catholicism

Via the teachings of Both Saint Pius the X and Pope Leo XIII in these two teachings among many other Saints – Popes and Theologians dictates that those Catholics that unknowingly propagate these new teachings regardless of who they come from within the Church are guilty of grave sin . It is written in Catholic law as follows

” Because  membership of the Masonic federation is to be judged not so much by acts or achievements, as by the acceptance of a guiding set of principals. ”

Hundreds of examples can be provided but here is just one

Making the statement about the practicing Muslim that one knew and had just passed away went to the burning sulfur fires of hell because he did not repent of his rejection of the One True Trinitarian God – Which is the objective absolute Truth of Catholicism…. is rejected and the new doctrine of tolerance is propagated that we don’t know that and that all men (and women) have a reasonable hope of entering heaven regardless of the Creed they held – It’s termed Catholic intolerance in the first three decades following the new teachings of the Council and lack of Mercy in the past two decades (also post Council )Only God knows what happens to that Muslim

The rejection of the Absolute Truth and the new teaching that followed is the Core of freemason theology Please study it

While the above is true as marginal exception The exception is reversed into the norm ‘,,,How do we know ,,,, God told us what would happen to that Muslim while he was here walking and talking on earth and he established a new Covenant and the new Law is fulfilled in the Sacraments within the Body of the Church that He himself established

While there is a slim chance that one muslim via the baptism of desire out of a football field full can enter heaven the Truth is the majority are going to burn ferociously in eternity in hell – and this can be applied to any Doctrine or Infallible Teachings of the Body that God established on earth

The biggest fears  United States Bishops have are as follows

Large numbers of Catholics would read these two encyclicals and then study what Saint Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle have to say on these subjects and then attend a Traditional Sunday Tridentine Rite Mass in a non diocesan Church or Chapel

Arrive at least a half hour prior to Mass – Say the Holy Rosary on one’s knees and then prior to Mass go to the Sacrament of Penance in a  traditional confessional on one’s knees

What will happen next is Angels will unplug the cable from the back of your neck and you will be disconnected from the pod. As the Sacrificial Offering of the Mass continues the shock of having been unplugged from the Matrix will hit you for the first time

You will see that the modern Catholic Church has dethroned Christ our Sacrificial King You will ask the person kneeling through the first 1/3 of the Holy Mass with you why your eyes and ears hurt and they will say “because you’ve never used them before Neo”

and you will hear the words “Welcome to Catholicism”

Remember both the blue pill and the red pill choice are part of God’s gift called free will

Ave Maria

Sacred Heart of Christ The King_2