Monsanto is still attempting to force farmers out of the business

When Monsanto’s acquisition of another food conglomerate partnered with the government Farmers fell apart , an increasingly consolidated Catholic Rural Life celebrated.  Monsanto’s failed acquisition of Syngenta is a victory for farmers and Catholic Rural Family Life although an ever decreasing footprint in the shadow government at war with traditional family farms it is still extant on several thousand farms in the United States some with Chapels right on their properties

Read about Ethical Food and Agriculture here on Catholic Rural Life

Although we cannot turn to the US Bishops for Ethical and Moral Catholic social teaching right now

While they are being prayed for by millions of devout Catholics there are strong elements of faithful Catholic laity amongst various apostolates that have begun networking together to restore the Catholic Church from the modernism heresy to which it has fallen

Another  such example is Ethical Investing –at Ave Maria Funds

Charles Schwab -Prudential – Morgan Stanley are among the companies that are immune from the culture of death or currently clean – yet to be contaminated and more importantly tracked by a staunch Catholic company (at Ave Maria Funds)  that we can trust for moral and ethical investing as it is indeed a full time job to track as the fall of creation takes people to our left and right at a faster and faster pace

On this Feast of the Rediscovery of the Holy Cross and it’s Exaltation – this was the day that Pope Benedict the XVI chose to issue the beginning of the renewal of the Traditional Liturgy of the Western Catholic Church on the this the eighth Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum – Happy Feast Day

In this article Dr. Peter Kwasniewsk talks of the large and growing Traditional Catholic youth movement Juventutem, in various states & centered in DC

Taking Summorum Pontificum Out of the Trenches by Dr. Peter Kwasniewsk

So there are positive here not all negatives

But in totality and at the root we must see that these are the natural ramifications of the complete failure of Vatican II ideologies and the elements of the Church left that are still strangely trying to implement it – like people on Japanese islands still fighting years after the war ended – They believe the revolution is still on

We see evidence of it in the news on a daily basis……………..

The Prefect For the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith circulated a heads up warning on the recent Marriage changes to Canon Law

“Vatican Curia fears Pope’s annulment changes: Mueller warns of harm to Church”

If you want to see an excellent overview synopsis of the failure of Vatican II and the call for faithful Catholics to unite an rebuke it’s modernism heresies It can be found here on Remnant TV as areas of the Canadian Catholic Church begin to worship the Pagan Goddess of Gaia as the center of the new Environmental Encyclical

There are many Infallible Catholic teachings that can be read through together with your family

We’ll begin to highlight some of them here – on our news blog

You will need to save and print them for your families as some of them are beginning to be suppressed by the official Vatican site

The Reunion of Christendom by Pope Leo XIII with a treatment on the Supernatural Life of the Mystical Body of Christ

Tamesti Futura Prospcientibus –Jesus Christ Our Redeemer – Look at the alarm to which Leo XIII talks of on Modernism beginning to enter the Church at the turn of the century

Pius XI – Reparation To The Sacred Heart Miserentissimus Redemptor

Pius XI Mortalium Animus – True Religious Unity

There are several dozen other solid infallible Catholic teachings we will share – The current Church wants everything before the 1960s to be burned including the heresy of collaboration with the ideologies of Masonry which we see embedded in today’s post conciliar Catholicism To this we expect and is not shocking the abhorrent part is Catholics ardently defending it and what they think is Catholic teaching – This is exactly what the grand orient said they would do and create armies of millions of Catholics defending the teachings of the Lodges

One such example as follows

The Formal Order on Immigration mirroring the new Catholic teachings reversing centuries of Tradition on Immigration just went out as a Universal Order to all the Grand Lodges

Happy Feast of The Finding Of The True Cross on this Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum and the Vigil of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows

Finding of the True Cross

Mary at the foot of the Cross Pray for us