The best CMTV Vortex this season came out yesterday – a hard hitting accurate denial shedding assessment of the true Crisis in the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church in the United States enters its last five years

In my opinion in the current trajectory of the new Rite and the extensive Bishophric corruption it will fall apart in less than 30 months and we will see REAL persecutions begin to escalate early next year

Although he left out a few key impacts in the Church that followed the mentioned protestant revolution such as

Jansenism in the north of Europe picking up steam in the mid-1600s –

then the Gallicanism heresy that began in the late 1600s where the French problem became a German Catholic problem that still exists to this very day

Which led to the French Revolution in the late 1700s – and then

The 2nd Catholic Counter Reformation at Vatican I in the late 1800s and

it’s virtual reversal on the majority of it’s declarations with Vatican II – and the errors of the new dogma of Ecclesial Collegiality This week’s papal moto proprio on annulments places into Church law – Bishophric collegiality concepts and ideologies that were previously non-binding in the Catholic Church

All in all it’s still an excellent episode – worth a’ watch and worth a’ read, of the well written transcript immediately below the tv viewer window

Episode – Only Five Years Left

Chris Ferrara writing at Remnant News – calls out the SSPX issue to the letter And calls for end to Catholic ideology warfare of the Crisis within the Catholic Church

The English version of the open letter to Church by Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga on the Crisis in The Roman Catholic Church that was written earlier this year is released – He does so out of the love of the Body of Christ and in order to end the denial and help begin the Restoration

The wake up call to all Catholics is issued out of his See in Kazakhstan

The new Rite…………

Uses a new ecumenical Bible different from the Eastern Rites and the Traditional Western Rite

It has abrogated the Code of Canon Law established in the year of Fatima 1917

It uses a different Calendar for 2/3rd of the Feasts but remains the same for the major Feasts

It uses a different Catechism as the old Rite exclusively uses the Baltimore Catechism and the Catechism of the Council of Trent as do some of the greek and byzantine translations for the Eastern Rite

Trinitarian prayers that equally alternate to prayers addressed directly to God the Son and directly to The Holy Ghost are largely suppressed and rarely seen in the new Rite in the new Mass and the new Office – 90% of all pre-conciliar prayers are  changed to a more gnostic/ arian sympathetic prayer that directs all prayers to God the Father in the name of Jesus or “in union” with (examine them for yourself alongside ‘official  pre-conciliar prayers – the old Canon of the Mass and the old Divine Office Liturgy of the Hours

The Holy Mass reverses it’s orientation away from A Holy Sacrifice as primacy – a propitiation and oblation for our sins by the offering of God the Son which is what it was for the majority of salvation history It reorients itself into a re-enactment of the last supper and the new Passover and the escape from the exile of (Egyptian) pagan sins to which it was always the sub-plot of our Catholic religion – not the primacy as it is in the Episcopal and Lutheran religions

Working off temporal punishment through Catholic devotion – events- -plenary indulgence(s) pursuits – processions and pilgrimages become suppressed for an internal protestantized Catholic expiation of sins – Expiation of eternal punishment is melded  into the expiation of temporal punishment in a heterodox version per the Lutheran doctrines

The pursuit of the social reign of Christ in the public spheres are abandoned and inverted into a protestantized Catholic internal reign of Christ the King – No longer in the world but only internally private in our own hearts (That’s NOT Catholic!)

Missions targeting conversion – apologetics ministries targeting pagans- jewish and protestants are disbanded –and  highly discouraged In the majority of cases  Priests are punished by Bishops for continuing to pursue same
A feminization of the Church has infected the majority of all sectors and social missions and it’s place comes work(s) for the environment – immigration – gun control – against capital punishment &  the like and are enforced by the Bishops

The focus is re-invented then to the #1 goal of Ecumenism (which never existed before WITHIN the Church in the history of the Catholic Church prior to the 1960s) and the new proposed Dogma of Dialogue – – A dialogue that continues with very very few overall conversions and morphs into a “co-existence” that is antithetical to authentic Catholicism

Let’s help each other – Let’s be honest – Let’s end the denial

Let’s begin REAL dialogue between real men (and women)

Is the new Rite the religion we read about in the books written by hundreds and hundreds of years of Saints that were Theologians, Martyrs, and Bishops ?

Is the new Rite practicing Catholicism by majority throughout the US and the world or is it more and more an increasing partnership with Ecclesial Freemasonry in it’s concepts norms and general practices ?

Lex Orendi Lex Credendi

The restoration has to investigate every issue and the reform of the Catholic has to enter every sector and restore it to Truth

Pray Study- and Pray some more – The persecution from within cometh and there is a Remnant that will withstand it and stand in the gap
by honor duty and the Intercession of our Immaculate Queen to the feet of our Lord

Sacred Heart of Christ The King_2