The USCB enters into a $27 million dollar contract with the US Federal Government via Catholic Charities

The dissidence continues, in pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality and pro-euthanasia, apostolates

The growing resistance movement of a uniting of biblical Christianity refusing to donate to the US Bishops and Catholic Charities – Detailed write up on the deep problems with Catholic Charities US as seen here on First Things

Father Greg Boyle who has publicly pushed for female ordination and homosexual unions is the  keynote speaker at the annual gathering of Catholic Charities

Sister Jeanine Gramick, co-founder of the pro-gay dissident New Ways Ministry, which has been condemned by the Holy See, has gone so far as to say: “Catholic Charities in general have been the “most progressive wing of the Catholic Church” second only to the US Sisters organizations She fully supports both Catholic Charities and Father Greg Boyle ( I’m shocked ? not really)

Pro-homosexual financial ties found here

The faithful Catholic MUST now stand in the gap and do the job of the Bishops

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The largest Catholic University in the US is DePaul University has the  Priest that runs De Paul, Fr. Greg Boyle urging students  through two different official university organizations to volunteer at abortion mills including Planned Parenthood !

Tradition Family and Property’s TFP Student Action arm is begun the protest and needs your signature voice to help them stand in the gap for the missing and wayward US Bishops

Hopefully now Faithful Catholics can more easily connect the dots, know exactly what to pray for and against – and where to put their time and effort in the Catholic Restoration movement

Ave Maria