A Minneapolis Catholic Restoration halts another Church from being sold off to Islam and returns it instead to a vibrant Catholic Tradition actively educating it’s people in the authentic Faith

The revolution is nearing an end – Michael Matt calls for a division among Catholics to end !


CMTV (Church Militant TV) where our friends reside – and an apostolate to which we support and subscribe to it’s premium channel has changed it’s position on several issues of Catholic Tradition including rejection of sympathies of SSPX and outright attack on Catholic traditionalism

I will leave the conjecture that is out there on their changed disposition on this subject in regards to their lead benefactor out of the discussion However I will add the evidence contradicting their own previous position is recorded here on video. One has to be careful, video is a dangerous tool _It can be used for and against and everyone has archives – So someone cannot say, when it comes to video, I did not say that

If you wish to see an objective, short, and well written disquisition on the topic -in a manner more eloquent and well balanced than I can attempt – please see these links for a refutation of CMTV’s recent errors and propagation of division

One Peter Five on the topic



Harvesting The Fruit on the topic



In an excellent related journal article on an explanation of the Removal of the Tabernacle and De-sacralisation of the Mass


Cardinal Dolan – Sells Out

Cardinal Dolan who previously stated the newly closed Catholic Churches (some of which were economically viable and prosperous) was not for plans or intent to sell that will be left, he said for a future era’s analysis

On the heels of this within a year of the amnesia generation’s hearing he says he’s not only selling but has made a pact with pro-abortion pro-homosexual NY Mayor De Blasio for a deal for affordable housing – more nice looking Projects


In the deal he made with De Blasio he said Jesus Christ told him to do this

In other similar stories and news feeds he denies the sell-off is to pay down the debt ridden Archdiocese’s legal settlements in the pedophile scandals

Acknowledges that he is selling off some of the most expensive Church property in the country

Several of the members of the apostolates of Holy Innocents have questioned why he will not bring in one of the Ecclesia Dei orders in communion with Rome like ICKSP or FSSP and he flatly stated that he doesn’t want them in the Diocese They are not present even one Church or, as in some US Dioceses they will at least give them a Cemetery Chapel.

One such TLM Chapel out in Queens (Brooklyn Diocese) in the middle of a Cemetery is of course, like FSSP in NJ, always SRO for Sunday Masses (standing room only)

I believe the discrimination and the corruption cannot last much longer on a wide scale and the new forma revolution in the Catholic Church is nearing an end

To the Pastor of a Church who has dismantled the High Altar, many of which were sledge hammered in parking lots all over the tri-state area to witnesses of the traditional Knights of Columbus –to the construction of enlarging their Crammer Table Liturgy Altars – They’ve placed high backed Bishop chairs in the center of the former position of Jesus Christ to which they sit looking out over the people

I would say the same thing that Russell Crowe said to the pseudo Caesar in the Gladiator movie

“ The time for honoring yourself is almost at an end “