The Tridentine Rite Community of Holy Innocents Comes Back Into The Cross Hairs Of Review For Closure

The traditional Catholic community in the center of the garment district of NYC has tripled – Hundreds of people making up Laity – Altar Servers and Gregorian Chant Choirs are seen attending 1st Class Catholic Masses even on weeknights in large numbers – following the 1962 Missal – The Old Rite Calendar – The old Vulgate Bible – Processions, Feasts and all the rubrics

According to several sources of new Rite Priests – Both this and the demand for the old Rite spreading has begun to become an embarrassment to the NY Diocese having to close scores of new Rite Parishes for lack of attendance and participation in new Rite Masses

As collaboration with the increasing evil secularity of US government is spoken of at the pulpit and related to traditional Catholic teachings, ddichotomies of scale and contradiction are coming into focus in a starker, glaring, and largely unavoidable contrast

How Rome is Dealing With the Crisis

The Prefect of the Roman Congregation of Religious Cardinal Braz De Aviz has now formally recommended mixed religious communities to stem the tide of 2000 vowed religious defections from the New Rite of the Catholic Church each year

A report on Catholic institutions – charities – schools – hospitals under the jurisdiction and complete knowledge of Catholic Bishops are found to be running like the majority of US Catholic Bishops in full heresy mode – and the Order of Bishops in the United States is needing complete Reform

Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia is denying knowledge of World Meeting of Families Org’s upcoming event with the Pope having donated thousands of dollars to political candidates that thoroughly support abortion and same-sex marriage.

The same World Meeting of Families Executive Cabinet, investigation found that several of them have worked very hard against Catholic moral teaching on matters pertaining to life and marriage.  Several members of the leadership team, including honorary co-chairs, co-chairs of the leadership cabinet and cabinet members either promote abortion and homosexuality themselves

As typical of such issues in scores of Dioceses the Archbishop will not comment on the specific charges

There is a call many people will hear many people will not

The devout laity of the Roman Catholic Church are called to rise up and end the denial – to work with the Traditional Catholic media press and – to shine a light into every lying dark corner and acknowledge that the Roman Catholic Church and it’s new corrupted Rite are in need of reform and the Church is in need of return to  “The Traditional teachings of the Reign of Christ the King” – a look towards an imminent declaration of the Mother of God as the Mediatrix of All Graces, The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and a look ahead toward the next era and the need of a war time concigliere Supreme Pontiff

Our Lady’s many past apparitions were to let us know this was coming

It also explains to the world why the words and information of the 3rd Secret of Fatima were suppressed

The real enemies of the Body of Christ ARE WITHIN THE CHURCH OLFatima_NYC_TFP