There is Breaking News Scandal in Philadelphia

The World Meeting of Families President Funded Planned Parenthood Director’s Political Campaign

Welcome to pandora’s box – See how deep the rabbit holes in this Alice and Wonderland of the new ideologies go

A lone US Catholic Bishop in Sacramento breaks the Bishops moratorium on out-rightly condemning Planned Parenthood and making clear their specific evils !

The Far Majority of US Bishops Assist The Media In The  Blacking  Out Of The Planned Parenthood Scandal

Absent from all Parish bulletins – Diocesan newspapers and mainstream Catholic outlets – a propaganda blackout in the other side of the two Churches

The only comments made is passing statements by 3 or 4 Bishops were recorded in their brevity here on “The Catholic Thing”

No Bishops showed up to Protest Planned Parenthood nor led Marian or Eucharistic Processions in any Diocese

The protest against the culture of death in 300 cities this past weekend is where the laity began to lead the prelates out of their apostasy of silence and zero orthoprxic action

There were discussions in the streets in front of the mills both where I was and where friends were at other mills as to how to begin Catholic boycotts of corporations that fund Planned Parenthood

It was openly talked about in the street at the protest commonly as well as the shock among Catholics that the Bishops are really not participating in the fight for life

It’s a well known fact that the USCB continues to contribute the Catholic faithful’s money to pro-abortion and pro-homosexual apostolates through their embattled CCHD = The commercial momentary arm of the US Bishops

The movement must eventually turn to a national boycott of funds to the Bishops of all kinds including segregating Parish contributions with disclaimers – In this era it is not the only way unfortunately that people and high level prelates respond The Bishops must be starved of Capital until they return to being Faithful Catholics and no longer rely on the Orthodox laity to do the job they were charged with

Many Parishes have second collection building funds that are not Bishop taxed by the Diocese – Possibly all contributions to your Parish should go to the 2nd collection 100%

I believe we should initiate a circular ( copying the USCB) of intentions to financially starve them Shut down all funding until they end collaboration between PP and Catholic Hospitals – Catholic Colleges and Nursing Schools – Supposed reproductive health courses – abortion and contraception referrals and on and on

Priests For Life not only join Saturday’s rally but are persecuted by Bishops

How do you stop a woman or a couple intent on Infanticide from walking into a mill Sidewalk Advocates will show you how Thousands of babies are being born all over the US ( an entire generation ) due to sidewalk counselors Learn how to save your first life here

How Abortion is tied to Euthanasia – Assisted Suicide –

How the partnership between the Vatican and the United Nations are involved

A multibillion dollar organ harvesting business is at hand Do not become an organ donor – Un-register yourself

Directions To Protect and Preserve Life Your “refusal” for organ donation must be documented.

Read the real inside Truth of what is going on from an orthodox Catholic surgeon

Jesuit Colleges their nursing schools and intern programs and referral systems are collaborating into the abortion business up to their elbows and knees

The Bishops are sent numerous formal complaints from various sectors and in their silence -their no show on the PP protests and broadcasted info to the Catholic populace entitles them to the new title of collaborators of scandal

Here are the ties to Catholic Colleges the Bishops are silent about scandalizing faithful Catholics making evangelizing from separated religions a daunting task

Organ Harvesting – An Investigation – by Doctors and Attorneys in  Falung Gong communities in China

Prisoners were not enough – Was the one child policy restriction lifted for two children with birth permits so the 3rd and 4th child could be organ harvested in the womb ?

For those new to Falung Gong  it is a Pantheism religion in China (considered criminal) It’s outlawed in China in the same way that Pantheism is outlawed in Catholicism but practiced in various forms of Protestant denominations as a hybrid religion as it is in Jewish Kabbalism

What is Pantheism

But should the US foster free trade with a country who’s policy is to harvest the Organs of pantheists – to be cut out of the living just because they are worship  a false God ?- China seems to think it’s perfectly legal by their country’s standards and this Pantheism is a ripe field of China’s harvesting as well as other State declared criminals that are used to feed the multibillion dollar international organ harvesting markets

The Traditional Catholic fight

The Blessing of the Herbs on the Feast of the Assumption St Marys In Pine Bluff Wisconsin

St. Mary's in Pine Bluff, diocese of Madison, Bishop Robert Morlino

Same Ritual is performed at the Traditional Assumption of Our Lady Mass in an Greek Catholic Rite Church in Pittsburgh PA Eastern Catholic Blessing Of The Herbs At The Assumption Rite

Other Solemn Processions and Holy Sacrifice of the Mass held in Honor of the Unborn on Assumption Tide- double click to enlarge

Assujptiontide Procession For Honoring The UnbornAssujptiontide Procession For Honoring The Unborn_02Assujptiontide Procession For Honoring The Unborn_01

The Mater Ecclesia Traditional Communities of Camden NJ goes to battle for life on the Feast of the Assumption in Philadelphia PA The new battle ground for freedom and the Rights Of God

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For we serve Her Son