The protection of the ideal of the Catholic Family Estate and the divine plan of the children of the new Jerusalem – In authentic Catholic social teaching it is a core component of the primacy of the social reign of Christ the King as we build towards His eternal reign of infinity Our rights are of tradition, family and property once protected by the United States – although primarily a protestant Country and that of traditional Catholic Countries is still an extant though rarely emphasized Catholic teaching.

Herein which lies the movement to return to the scholarly works of the magisterium of the Catholic Church to be guided by in our work and prayer.

The immigration policies are only a small part of and can be summarized to say that liberal immigration open door policy as being advertised as the Catholic position amongst US Catholic Bishops and the Catholic advocates of Catholic politicians is not purely Catholic and are being falsely represented

Proper teaching is that there is a social order to families (even in the Church) to the classes, to property, to immigration. There are different conditions for different immigrant statuses not all favorable and equal Thomas Aquinas teaches that there is a natural law that guides it as well and those cultures, immigrants, and peoples adverse to the propagation of Christian societal landscape are not equal in terms of economic rights and immigration rights, full stop – That’s properly ordered Catholic social teaching to which there are many an authentic Catholic teaching on , not just by Priest theologians and Bishops through the centuries but several Papal teachings – magisterial letters of the office of the Holy See – exhortations and encyclicals

The ideas – ideologies of the far left currently in power in Democrat regimes in the US and it’s large federal government model is bankrupting families forcing them to become smaller while government becomes bigger and bigger

Following 9-11 which we will not get into here on the topic of rogue federal agencies and federal conspiracy or not  except to say what the evidence is in the final result of the entire district surrounding the WTC buildings ended up being (within 30 months of 09-11 -01 )– a conversion of former private properties and share-holder owned to the  far majority now government owned.

The accomplishment of the current double term presidential administration has the unique milestone of having moved the socialistic systems sympathetic regime from 25% government ownership of all US land in this country  (including farms) to pass the 1/3 mark (of all land in the country) and marching firmly towards their majority 50%+ goal

It’s basically evil

Refer to authentic Catholic teaching encyclical on the subject directly from the Vatican web site archives

What does this translate to in the modern error for the re-establishment of Catholic societies and what our position should rightly unite and lobby towards

To advocate for the true Catholic social position to :

Eliminate the capital gains tax

Eliminate income tax on estates

Eliminate the death tax.

Eliminate OSHA and

Eliminate the Department of Education

In today’s cultural climate this is tantamount to decrying the Emperor has no cloths on

Regardless of the current and strangely mysterious jettisoning of everything Catholic that was taught before the 1960s Council  and the adoption of protestant exegesis and social teachings ……….

Private property is a form of stewardship. It requires a recognition that the earth belongs to God and is given for the perfection of every human being These are the lines to which traditional Catholics and pre-conciliar Catholic social teaching propagates still to this day in our traditional Catholic communities.

Further on the subject of Catholic social thought and economics Is an article on the topic from a 1984 Crisis Journal Article on the matter.

And to further advocate to re-establish the Catholic worker guilds that maintain Catholic property and industry amongst the current regime is pitch fork and riot territory for this big government with it’s golden rule = Their mantra is the one with the gold rules

A return to order advocates for awaking a generation in the era of denial of a different way of doing business See the corroboration of same in the following TFP journal article

Take for example the plight of Catholic families being subjected to being surrounded by protestant social thought – protestant worship and presented on a daily basis through their erred exegesis of scripture and even Catholic priests that advocate for a same or similar lens of world views

We are led to believe that pain for instance is no longer ok and if an elderly aunt – uncle or grandparent that is diagnosed with a longer term terminal illness that could result in years of pain prior to death that Catholic teachings should consider the Mercy of euthanasia ?!

This is scripturally based protestant exegesis infused like all the other subjects here in question into current social teaching – Let it be known that there is no mercy in helping to send someone to hell .

Reverse Mortgages

The no pain generation in turn firmly believes that as a family enters its years of senior citizen eras in their lives – many without a pension to rely on due to the new social systems in place that they should reverse mortgage their property and “enjoy their last years traveling abroad and living well “ the brochure says Especially if they do not have children or children that already have property it is further insinuated

What they don’t tell you is the primary purchaser behind the funding bank – the new property owner becomes , in the majority of cases , the government

When the condo market first started there was a similar debacle what do we do with the land if there are multiple families that own the different apartments – simple they thought – create an association that owns the property and maintains the land

But what is happening now the same institutions from the reverse mortgage business are being bankrolled and are taking back the condo properties which are slowly (right now minority percentages) becoming again “government” owned

The advertisement says you should sell your property and buy a condo – it’s much better – we maintain you’re land and you’re public utility services logistics – changes and the like

This is a lie of quasi communistic forms of fundamentalist socialism – and the biggest evil obstacle to the restoration of Catholic social order

If you don’t have children You are meant like in the days of our grandparents era to leave the property of the estate to your niece – nephew or in the absence of same to the cousin or to a descendant with the same royal Catholic family name as your own

And if you don’t have children and you are not a vowed religious then why don’t you have children – why have you not adopted You will be asked at the gates of heaven Where are your children ?

How many out there in the growing secularist Christian America have done the math to equate to one overseas vacation per year = one child = contraception

Scripture says salvation comes through child bearing

Scripture says salvation comes through suffering through the family

You must understand the trajectory of where we are headed

For those that live in the section of Catholicism that are still in denial as to the two powerful and different religions that are operating within the Catholic Church in the current era in a virtual civil war will find themselves on the wrong side of history

The current climate of the Obama administration in communion with the USCB and the Vatican in communion with the UN is going to bring the Traditional Catholic communities at odds with secular Diocesan Bishops without a doubt

By natural trajectory the new ideologies which they are coming to own will continue to become the enemy of the Catholic Restoration movement with what they seek to replace all things with via the code word for Universal One World Religion called “Dialogue”

Towards the efforts to end the denial era of the Catholic iconoclastic post –conciliar age of ecumenism in the Catholic Church we must build up our properties to become firmly established “Catholic Estates” closely aligned with traditional Catholic Churches – Traditional Catholic Societies and3rd Orders closely aligned with (non-diocesan secular) Priests

When Catholic Church properties property tax comes to the US and other regions (and it will come) the traditional Catholic churches in the orders of restoration will then be able to lean on the elite Catholic families to consolidate Catholic restoration with unity and Catholic social power and property

Photograph of Italian Catholic properties being pressured into property taxes by a secular & masonic controlled secular Italian government ~ see inset or click to enlarge~


In the preparation for the coming reign of Christ all things must serve the Lord

Everything owned by the baptized and the non-baptized alike is His and is to be brought under His subjection

Infallible Papal encyclical on the social teachings and theology of Christ the King – directly from the Vatican web site archives to be guided by

On this 1st class feast of Saint (Nathanial ) Bartholomew the Apostle -2015 may our Davidic Queen intercede to the Throne of David for authentic restoration according Christ’s eternal magisterium

Ave Maria