Photopost Feast of the Assumption & 5th Anniversary of the Traditional Rite Having Gone Full Time At The Church of The Holy Innocents NY and Key Catholic News Stories

Photograph credits for the beautiful hi res pictures by both Mr. Anthony Dacosta and Mr. Arrys Ortanez  Look close between the photographs of Father Christopher Salvatore and Msgr Ambrosio for Little Francesca Marie who is spotted in several amongst the worshipers

 India people of Canada appealing to the Holy Father for relief from the New Rite are granted reprieve, a patriarchal see and a right to follow adhere instead to one of the 18 Approved Rites of the Catholic Church the Traditional Malabar Rite – Celebrate their achievements on this Radio Vatican News Article, largely  suppressed in US Catholic mainstream news

Other Excellent Articles

What Do “the People in the Pews” Deserve?: On the Right of the Faithful to Integrally Catholic Worship – Novus Motus Liturgicus

The New Evangelization has been a major effort in the Catholic Church for more than 40 years. Unfortunately, it has failed to appeal to and rally “men” Our  Catholic Priests and the feminization of the Catholic Church are largely to blame in this “Catholic World Report” release

Rote Prayers Can Very Much Be From the Heart

Saint Anthony Of Padua Jersey City NJ

Saint Anthony of Padua Jersey City, New Jersey