The Abbot of Our Lady of Fontgombault Gives Fiery Sermon and Address for the Assumption: “They talk about peace, while war is brought to wombs by abortion!”

Saturday August 22nd Is Declared A National Pro-Life Day of Protests Against Planned Parenthood Abortion Mills- Please support this Orthopraxic action – Bring a picture -photo or statue of our Lady – and your Rosary – Outdoor Demonstrations Begin at 9:00am

Hackensack, NJ at 575 Main Street is one of them and is sponsored by 40 Days For Life – This is a chance for Catholics to speak up and begin to UNdo some of the damage of that the USCB and Roe Vs. Wade did to this country

For a full list of the locations which in NJ include Hamilton Township and Morristown NJ abortion mills – as well as Margret Sanger Clinic in NYC on Bleeker Street go to this link

Here is the flyer for NYC Prayer & Protest Pamphlet 2.0

 Nationally famed pro-lifer Monica Miller and author of the best work to date written on the pro-life activist movement in the United States in her book Abandoned writes here anew to defend the subject “Were Planned Parenthood Videos Produced Unethically?” using Traditional Catholic teachings in a Crisis Catholic Journal feature article


San Antonio Texas attempts mega-abortion mill as Texas officials explore all legal methods to stop their apostasy

While Fort Worth Texas sees escalated organized peaceful demonstrations at Planned Parenthood abortion mills

The  Fort Worth Texas Planned ParenthoodTFP Video – Demonstration (On The Street At The Mill) You Tube version

Tradition Family and Property – Students Action at Planned Parenthood Mills    VIDEO: The Baby Planned Parenthood Can’t Silence (watch & share on TFP)

American Life League has been creating and sharing a lot of images, videos, social media posts, press releases, and commentaries during this current scandal that has engulfed Planned Parenthood. Take a look at our collection of many such items on one webpage at

And a forward of Judie Brown’s Catholic Apostolate Located Here>

he legacy records of Undercover Investigation Expose’ Videos

Can't Be Catholic And Pro-Abortion

TFP March



What is the Catholic definition of Orthopraxy that we find discussed by the majority of the works of the Saints, and in the lives of the Saints, that are the giants of our Faith ?

Orthopraxy = In the study of religion, orthopraxy is correct conduct, both ethical and liturgical

Mother of Fair Love and Holy Hope