The USCB persists in annually giving a percentage of American Catholics donations to various apostate charities and apostolates every year and the scandal continues into this year

The USCB gave Catholics hard earned money to the “The American Farmers Association (HAFA)”. This  organization  received $65,000 from the Bishop’s embattled CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) for this 2014-2015 fiscal year. So, not only is the CCHD giving tens of thousands of Catholic dollars to this organization, but the mouthpiece of the USCCB is giving wider coverage to it as well with Pakou Hang who founded and is currently the executive director of HAFA is radically pro-abortion and same-sex “marriage.”

In the Central US, in Detroit Michigan,  Archbishop Allen Vigneron Softens Approach to Gay Unions & Communion says “This is a situation now in which a person should see his or her pastor” ?!

A review of the July Vatican Invitational – A Consortium Of Looney Liberal Left US Mayors -All hand selected – All Democrats – All pro-abortion – All pro- euthanasia All pro Homosexual all Pro- contraceptive and All united to fight what the Vatican is calling the greatest crisis of our time (the substitution of one religion’s social teachings for another religion’s social teachings – oops no – I mean) man made global warming !

Ten minute video review synopsis by Christopher Ferrara on the Fatima Network

Brazilian Bishop says the apostasies and the heresies all come down to improper worship and he comes down hard on all the new Rite liturgical abuses particularly calling extraordinary ministers (that are only meant to be use in certain circumstance’s when the people greatly out number the Priest ) Eucharistic Ministers which would make them protestants

I know the Reform of the Reform Movement people (in the new Rite) are happy and are finally seeing the term of the aging progressivist(s) generation of Bishops and Priests coming to an end, and I’m happy for them and I don’t want to dampen their hard working apostolate’s enthusiasm, but it’s way past that. Personally I don’t believe the new rite can be reformed in any unified manner at this point

Do you want real Catholic renewal and restoration with men standing at the doors and rebuilding the Communion rails and Confessionals with power tools ?

Holy Women did an outstanding job for decades of standing in the gap when V-II was tearing the Church apart and the people disappeared en masse from the pews like a ballroom hoodini magic stunt- But now it’s time to get the women off the Altar and out of the Rectories and let’s begin to de-feminize the Catholic Church –

Holy Communion in the hand – while standing no less ?! and taken from a woman is basically an apostasy – Orthodox liturgical protestants have this one line summary of the neo- Catholic Church & new Mass that I have heard spoken of during apologetics sessions- “They are basically protestants that go to Mass and don’t know it “- Actually several Bishops have said that as well including Bishop Athanasius Snyder

Should Women Be Lectors At Holy Mass – Double article published on “One Peter Five”

The follow up article “One Peter Five”

Male-Female Symbolism in Liturgical Roles: Not Bizarre, Just Catholic

Vatican II – New Forma does not even follow Vatican II

Pope Paul VI – Moto Proprio clarifying the misinterpretations of Vatican II – declares the the roles of the reader and the acolyte are reserved for “the male diaconate and sub -diaconate that was restored “

MINISTERIA QUAEDAM  found here -verbatim – The majority of new Rite Churches are in violation of this Papal moto proprio

Father Z – On Girl altar server interview , She says, after years of being a girl Altar server the following = “Mismatched vocation – confusing to me as well as the people in the pews”

Father Z – “No kidding …”

Helping Priests Be More Effective Evangelizers of Catholic Men – (Rebuild the Foundations and the Infrastructure)

Let’s escalate the Restoration !

Look around my friends the new Catholic Church and it’s practices have become the neo-Catholic Church

Dozens of Bishops have begun to see it – The old order of the old Rite -The Old Mass is the Mass of the future !

Mark my words – by the hand of our Lady to which her Divine Office says “She will crush all heresies” The Mass of the ages will outlive us till the end and the novus ordo in it’s present form will be deposed and re-ordered

Restoration will only come through self sacrifice

Ave Maria

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