Archbishop Blaise Cupich Gives Discourse On The Planned Parenthood Debacle

He waters the whole thing down with the ultra liberalisms he is known for and says “we should be no less appalled by social justice issues, violent crime, gun violence, and of course comments on the USCB’s new alliance with Obama on Immigration reform”


“we should be no less appalled, he says by the crushing of babies sculls than by the evils in the current immigration system

Full video report here

Of course Church Militant Tv has an internal ban on criticism of the Pontiff and rather than being even handed in it’s critique across the Bishophric Orders and the Pontificate – Trying to be journalistically objective here “the Pontificate” on CMTV is almost never covered or at least not objectively as the source of much of the continuing crisis within the Church which is totally counter productive

A perfect  example is that within days following these comments by Archbishop Blasise Cupich, which Voris was highly critical of, the Holy Father immediately chooses Cupich to represent the United States at the Synod and CMTV chooses  to cover that story the main one in a news brief completely separate from his comments  !

Here it is in other sources

The Office of the Holy See also announced the decision today of the Holy Father on his appointement of another radical liberal to be one of the main liasons at the Synod confirming all the fears and suspicions of where this is headed

If you were still on the fence on the Pontificate and if its all just confusion (every single day of the week) in media misinterpretations of the Pope’s actions and words or if this really is a progressivist Pontificate that is about to launch into viral change you can see clear to an answer here

Cardinal Alberto Melloni, ?!  the leader of the most “advanced” progressive wing of the Church in Italy and of the Bologna School of interpretation of Vatican II is selected as one of the main liaisons to the upcoming Fall Synod

There are FEARFULL calls for prayer from all over the Church for the upcoming Synod and that it does not diverge from Catholic orthodoxy and not just in traditional Catholic sectors but from all over the Church

Never in the history of the Catholic Church has there ever been such a prayer request Throughout history the Councils and Synods are meant to pray for the peoples of the Catholic world not visa versa

I would remind everyone that we are within 16 months of the beginning of the Prophesy of the 100th centenary of Our Lady of Fatima

One of my personal daily prayers is that this Pope does not lead the Roman Catholic Church into a major historic schism

On a related topic

While we are all prayerful supporters of Michael Voris , and as benefactors to his and his team’s apostolate & as a premium subscriber to their television channel we do realize when we are not being presented with objective Catholic investigative news

A perfect example is that CMTV also has some unexplainable issues with SSPX and the diligent efforts of both sides towards full communion with Rome  It is a known issue that on-going negotiations with the world-wide Traditional Orders of the Society of Saint Pius X have issues that are narrowing in the re-uniting effort towards full Communion

One of their reporters following the lead on this from other similar and very negative comments that came out of CMTV on the subject of SSPX in the past continues in the party line of their founder with – reports as follows re-quoting Bishop Morlino who is a midwest American prelate to whom CMTV has also been previously critical of ?!

This is a case of suspect journalism of a subjectivism that borders on op-ed stuff The moderator of the blog attached to it then continues (more than once) to call SSPX not only schismatic but evil

They also made the following official statement from CMTV which violates the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Robert Bellarmine of the responsibility and the duty of the laity to contest and challenge incorrect and wayward teachings of prelates of any level including the Pope

Perhaps the SSPX fear they will be crushed by an unsympathetic hierarchy and Pope. Perhaps they are justified in such fearful apprehensions. But there is precedent in the history of the Church, in the lives of the Saints, in the life of Our Lord Himself, for risking or allowing oneself to be crushed by obedience

As for our own family as members of an Ecclesia Dei community and subscribers to other Ecclesia Dei Order newsletters and communiques, all in communion with Rome, we all know and admit that we are SSPX sympathetic Their member families have beautiful large Catholic families following Catholic life and teaching like no other communities out there, not just in the United States but in Europe, The East, and South America as well and unlike the propaganda news about them of widespread fragmentation they are highly united and would be a powerful force of restoration in the greater Catholic Church once full communion status becomes a reality

Backing this statement up is a Bishop that CMTV has frequently had on their television shows and just recently several weeks ago was granted an exclusive interview with this same Bishop that CMTV highly regards with respect

Breaking story as follows

Bishop Athanasius Snyder in making regular visits to the SSPX under orders by order of the Holy Office declares that

there are no weighty reasons in order to deny the clergy and faithful of the SSPX the official canonical recognition”

The full interview can be found here

While we love CMTV we must begin to become highly suspect in it’s subjective journalism  in matters of the traditional Catholic restoration movement

In the last days of June the Holy Father and his lead negotiators called the SSPX apostolates and families “good Catholics” in a currently irregular Canonical status – transcription of the exact statements can be found here

Cardinal Sara launched an investigation into how the New Rite Offertory has deviated from Catholic teaching and wishes to re-incorporate the Old Rite Offertory at the Altar in the new Rite that was he said was inspired in him by SSPX

These new moves by the Holy Father to work towards unity came on the heals of a major city in the Pope’s own country whose Archbishop has recognized SSPX into communion in the Buenos Aires Diocese this past spring and the Pontiff wishes, we believe, to regionally roll up the effort of same and rightfully take credit for the re-unity of full communion

Covered by Catholic Culture news desk April 2015

Archdiocese of Buenos Aires recognizes SSPX

The negotiation as we know is stuck at the point that since the Catholic Church acknowledges that Vatican II is a non binding pastoral Council that is neither doctrinal nor binding that it should be acceptable for these orders to be Catholics exempt from it’s practices and  to which we whole heatedly agree

Since Jansenism was legally practiced in large percentages of the Catholic Church for over 150 years before it was declared a formal heresy we must remember that anything that is not declared as an infallible teaching has the potential to be reversed and or reformed in the future

We will always call him Holy Father no matter what  – The Catholic Church has lived through bad Popes, worse (although hard to believe) than this Pontificate. Salvation history has a Davidic decadency of a Covenant that was not broken by murderous and adulterous Davidic kings in the line of David and the promise will not be broken by a bad or even schismatic Pope because we know who we are we are as adopted Sons and Daughters of a new Covenant that came into place when the Old Covenant between the Lord and the Jewish people became abrogated This we know and have learned is both infallible and historic Catholic teaching

Happy Feast of Saint Lawrence the Martyr – (in both the new Rite and the Old Rite today)

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Saint Lawrence The Martyr by Di Palma il Giovane

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