What does the Scripture The Gates of Hades will Not Prevail Against The Church mean for this era?

A rise of the Catholic Resistance Movement – Catholic Knights preparing for battle and a return to Catholic Monarchy – and the internal purging of the internal heresies of Modernism


Resistance movement mantra  “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” Thomas Jefferson


Religious conservatives begin to fight publically for religious liberty


TFP Article From Book on “Churchill and Truman: Telling the Aftermath”

Confirmation that weakness has its terrible consequence and real peace can only be brought through strength.


Strength and Truth –

Not only re-establishing the Knights and the Catholic Military orders but real Catholic Catechism that has nothing to do with the new ideologies but focused on the infallible Catholic teachings of the Reign of Christ as King and the Intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Una Voce Florida has series of authentic Catholic Catechism Classes available online as taught by FSSP


Another good place to start is a book by Christopher Ferrara His book on the problem with “America Having Become a God” that the rest of the world has begun to follow was well reviewed in Crisis Catholic journal in 2012 Liberty and the God That Failed

It may be difficult for some post 1950s children of the patriotism excesses era that believe in the compatibility of Americanism and Catholicism (or the  new Catholicism) but certainly not fidelity to the  infallible Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church But it is quite authentic and in keeping with all of the preconilar encyclical (s) teachings of the Pontiffs and their theologians http://www.crisismagazine.com/2012/a-declaration-of-catholic-independence

Another must read on real Catholic teachings is “The Reign of Christ the King” by Michel Davies

What is behind the money and politics driving this in the international social undercarriage

There is much that is behind the rise of Islam – It has grown to proportions that were not even projected by the architects of Freemasonry – They never believed it would become a serious financial threat only a theological threat to Catholicism and as most researchers know know high levels of masonry are in large part completely islamic in their theology

The financial aspect is important because they always believe that they (ecclesial freemasons) would still hold a major share in the Vatican Bank /World Bank and the powerful IMF (International Monetary Fund) of which are the centers of international commercial banking – The mainstream media in the US and in other parts of the world have a history of majority control by Judaism and Masonic Judaism as a walk through any of the older jewish Brooklyn cemeteries ( as I have done in my research) will tell you It’s all there like open engraved history books that cannot be denied

But what type of Judaism ? With it’s splits now the major dividing factor in Masonry and the battle for the control of the masonic elements of the American Catholic Church is a battle being waged behind the scenes on the socio-political front

One part of Judaism obviously rejects an Islamic accord giving rights to an Islamic National State of Palestine giving them permanent land rights and a seat at the United Nations

Zionism has multiple parts on the higher levels of the socio-political front it is in the center of the hierarchy of the Grand Orient of Freemasonry and Vatican banking These are well documented facts

The Zionism that seeks to restore a central synagogue has fragmented factions one of which seeks to restore central animal sacrifice and expand it’s military powers to that of US – WW-II level is strong – others factions of which of created quasi Christian sects some of which have even infiltrated portions of the Catholic Church

There are heretical Catholic apostlates in various sectors of the American Catholic Church where older women are wearing davidic stars and practically genuflect before the Israeli flag When you see a supposed Christian rabbi speaker /protestant theologian wearing a yamkee or talmudic dreads from the waist preaching the bible and his new eschatologies (to which more than several completely lost Catholic priests follow and promote) that transcends Catholic heresy into a Catholic social apostasy that violates Catholicism – Scripturally and from Sacred Tradition- The Talmud has many anti Catholic teachings and since it was written several hundred years after the Ascension of Christ also contains anti-Marian teachings Instead of calling the Catholic Church the whore of Babylon like in protestant biblical exegesis They call the whore of Babylon – The Mother of God in modern jewish tradition – In ancient jewish tradition (that Zionism abandons) they use to hold close to the intercessory gebriah queen to the Davidic throne theology closely

Infallible Catholicism dictates that the Old Covenant was abrogated – When Jesus Christ said I have come to fulfill not abolish he was talking about THE LAW- The law and the Covenant are related but two very different things – The new Covenant with God and his people is Eucharistic Adoration that comes out of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass full stop

When both John Paul II and Francis the I spoke in the Grand synagogue of Rome both insinuated to the Jewish populace, with involved ecumenical rhetoric, that they were good in their religion and all good people, offering no other appeal for conversion All the professional Catholics knees shake for fear of saying clear Catholic teaching like  – All good intentions aside my good Holy Father but  that ‘s a heresy ”

When conservative biblical protestantism decrys this as the promotion of the new world order of the coming new one world religion with it’s theology having aborted thomistic scholastics and instead adopting the theologies of Albert Pike and other masonic theologians what are traditional Catholics meant to say to them on that front during apologetics sessions ?! That it’s not true?! We would be doing a dishonesty to our Lord’s mantra to follow the road of Truth however narrow the road gets we must know the narrower way, in antithesis of popular Christian cultural acceptance of the wide and broad way of destruction to be a confirmation of our correct right track as we are surrounded by the fruit of these signs

What is the tree of this bad fruit ?

The constitutions of the one world religion have it’s base in the Vatican II documents A pastoral non-binding council that was orchestrated by periti that were masonic theology influenced liberal protestant theologians that sat on the majority of all the advisory committees It’s a well documented public fact from the 2nd through the 4th sessions of the Council

Why do we have a situation where our own Church would suppress the 3rd Secret of Fatima – For the same reason that we are being told that we have to pray for the upcoming Synod and that it does not lead to apostasy

Never in the history of the Catholic Church has there ever been such a prayer request

It is a sign that came from the 3rd Secret of Fatima

In the real interviews with Sister Lucia and others that were silenced It was said that Councils that would come into the Church and from within would undermine the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ – The highest prelate in the world can say that Vatican II teachings are consistent with prior Catholicism – Any scholar or student that has devoted any time to this subject via using the writings of the Church alone – not 2nd or 3rd sources will find this not to be the case And for a great percentage of the theology of Vatican II to be a substitution religion for Catholicism and I have found this to be the case in my research and I have spoken with many Priests on my findings – The closest thing to an answer I can get for the myriad of contradictions is

“that the bible and tradition needs to be routinely interpreted in the light of today and the modern world” – A secular Priest in a novus ordo setting told me that in the Confessional and topped it off with “And until you embrace that you will continue to see nothing but contradictions between Church teachings and Vatican II teachings”

I answered him with what I know to be true ‘ that Father is the central essence of Masonic theology” !  He said that’s enough and I concurred that is quite enough and that was my last visit to a Secular Priest for the Sacrament of Penance after that I sought out the Traditional Orders of Priests and the religion and Penance that I received was a vastly different religion from that and one and in unity with the one that I spent years reading about in ancient Church documents

There is a coming vast apostasy and chastisement within the Church – the Body of Christ is being betrayed by one of the 12 at the table