Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and Cdl. Raymond Leo Burke met in La Crosse, Wisconsin, this weekend for a Conference at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.organized by by the Queen of the Americas Guild

In the keynote address, Cdl. Burke, warned the packed basilica of major problems of crisis inside and outside the Church.

Orthodox Cardinals have begun to warn families to protect themselves from the establishment Church – With Cardinals themselves beginning the movement to end the denial, this is not bad news but an excellent sign!

In the Contrasting Solid Stalwart Bishops Category

Real Catholic Bishops in Africa join together with their national leaders in Kenya to publicly and internationally reject Obama’s gay agenda to which they term “a homosexual ideological colonization”

In Prague a Cardinal blocks LGBT groups and activisms in the Church – Cardinal Dominik Duka stands up to American dissident nuns and orders them to stand down in his country

Bishop Conley of Lincoln Nebraska illustrates the depravity of Planned Parenthood and how much the PP workers need Jesus

In the other Church in NY the Cardinal is out of control

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo slams Cardinal Dolan who took to the NY Daily News to officially denigrate Donald Trump on Immigration issues since he is now clearly a careerist, himself running for high level Vatican office and the Cardinal is wanting to be in keeping with the latest Papal Vaticana social teaching concerns such as the enviornment, immigration and poverty – This is the same Cardinal who is silent on US proclamation of sodomite pseudo marriage as a federal law – The same Cardinal that is silent on a pending national vote to Defund Planned Parenthood

Cardinal Dolan disgracefully ranted on the ideology that he used to teach that “Trump is the revival of nativism” ! This is the same Cardinal that permits Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians. This Cardinal represents the essence of the other side in the civil war that is raging within the Catholic Church

His, “Making All Things New Again” program is of the largest Parish closings in the history of the US …..As we all reap the fruits of Vatican II,  the false ecumenism, and the resurgence of the heresy of iconoclasm.

To make matters worse as there is ANOTHER STORY WITHIN THE STORY – He is not only closing ailing parishes but strategic expensive real-estate parishes to pay off the homosexual priest pedophile legal settlements in the double digit millions of dollars

One perfect example among several others is Our Lady Queen of Peace – in the East side 60s – Perfectly healthy -financially = Doesn’t matter – They want the real-estate full stop – The strategy so as not to cause an immediate scandal …they will force them to vacate and then re-convene to re-analyze in two years (and they will surely sell as they have done in other places )- See the construction wrecking ball photos in the link. Meanwhile the laity have filed for a formal reversal of decision to the Office of the Holy See in Rome – Dolan says “No stay of execution while they await appeal- vacate” – In the final hour before midnight closing July 31st Father Christopher Salvatore led their faithful in a Traditional Rite Mass for intercession to Michael the Archangel

The closings of the Churches – the artwork …everything – …mainstream Catholic media and regular media are boycotting the stories

The Society of Cluny is story book photo posting each one of these legacy parishes that go back hundreds of years and will be sorely needed for legacy – sacred art history and sacrament records – See photo post listings

They even closed Saint Stephen /Our Lady of the Scapular, with the priceless Constantine Brumidi fresco. – Anyone who never pushed themselves to go adore the Lord in this Sacred Art will never see it or other priceless Sacred works again except for pictures – gorgeous – closed – gone

 It’s clearly Iconoclasm mixed with corrupt financing – But what are the the resurgent heretical theologies beneath it

Iconoclasm of Vatican II in the NY and the greater area Catholic Church is an era that has, in many areas, still not completely ended

Where does iconoclasm come from ?

Iconoclasm is linked to the rise of a hybrid of arianism and manichaeism

Mostly everyone is familiar with “arianism” we see different forms of it in some of the prayers that emerged in the new liturgy and divine offices of the Church that are more than sympathetic to the theology of arianism and the lowering of the Divinity of Christ to ?! something else …like a super hero (“In the Name of Jesus” instead.

But as we drill beneath the question where does iconoclasm come from ? The question can better be asked from what is manichaeism?

When Manichaeism was ejected from Iran for the islamic religion it did not go away but exported itself to other eastern religion neutral countries

The Iranian form of gnosticism ! (The former Persian religion) It was briefly the main rival to Christianity in the competition to replace classical paganism for several hundred years of Church history It’s a system of an elaborate dualistic cosmology that struggles between a good spiritual world of light, and an evil material world of darkness that are both controlled by a monotheistic (arian) god where material things and religious objects need to be gotten rid of to understand it (him) It is in essence the antitheses of classical Catholicism seeking restoration in the traditionalist movements to which these gnostic and arian charism factions within the Church speak of Catholic traditionalism as satanic.

Does it stop there at the Hudson River ? No it doesn’t stop there as Meyer is equally out of control.

Folks in NJ celebrated when Archbishop Meyer finally acted to remove an activist homosexual Priest from the leadership ministry at Seton Hall University

Today we can only lament as Father Warren Hall is foisted onto the people of Hoboken at St Peter and Pauls and Weehawken’s Saint Lawrence –

Newark Archdiocese spokesmen Jim Goodness issued the following statement yesterday “As long as remains celibate and doesn’t openly practice homosexuality even though he advocates for pro-homosexual activism on social media – then he is ok.” This violates the recent policy released by the Holy Office and correspondences questioning the contradiction with the policies of the Holy See should contact the Office of Archbishop Meyer immediately – Protect the children from him !

This is clearly an example of the other Church operating within the Catholic Church completely out of control

Here is an example of the results of such rebellious decision making –

The  Boy Scouts Of America have just this past week approved active Homosexuals to be Boy Scout Troop leaders

No ruling word on the Apostolates affiliated with Catholic Church from the USCB even though the Mormons are already on the move to pull all affiliations and creates a similar type of organization of their own – The Catholic Church in the US no longer leads orthodoxy but follows when issues reach critical mass moving towards majority “opinion”

On the same day the announcement is made by the Boy Scouts of American two new cases are escalated of homosexual Troop leaders in felony accusation cases of pedophilia abuse are reported

This is the neo-catholic theology of the new Mercy, banning what they call the brutal reparation of barring from Holy Communion for years, the call for repentance of the pre-conciliar days it’s sinners in sometimes lengthy processes of mortification.

It’s not surprising to some that these types of moves, or what Dolan is doing, is in 100% keeping with the new favorable left leaning politics in Rome these days and the new social corruptions that the Vatican is pushing

The Vatican has moved from skirting around and toying with Liberation Theology of harder core elements of Socialism ideology since this Pontificate began – Now it’s moving headlong into significant aspects of Communism

Goal 3.

“Only through the final victory of world socialism can the vast stores of available scientific knowledge really be put to work for the full benefit of humanity. ‘Socialized medicine’ is a meaningless phrase except in a socialized society.”

The United Nations plan for the creation of a global socialist utopia thinly disguised as a poverty reduction program. They are the fruit born out of Agenda 21, the Millennium Development Goals and a host of other socialist programs developed by the United Nations

Full story in this ~link~

Clearly illustrating the Catholic Church  partnership with the United Nations is married to pushing contraception in all it’s forms and abortion only as a last resort – It’s in several of the literature books published by the Pontifical Academy including this one

The completely corrupt Dr. Carolyn Woo the head of CRS – Catholic Relief Services announced that the “Sustainable Development Goals”  that the Pope is endorsing full partnership on, is according to her, completely on the right track !- When madam maven of population control ideology makes a statement like that it just says everything

Fight Against Human Trafficking, Fight for Gender-Ideology — From One the Vatican Distances Itself, the Other Not

While the Defund Planned parenthood rally raged for the past three weeks the US Bishops were silent Then………

they realized ground support among US Catholics had begun to put them into the minority so then (just so they could say they were on board with the movement) less than 12 hours before the Senate vote they issue a statement – Well where were they for the past seven years when over 2/3rds of the laity were looking for direction (activism or no) and the other remaining 20% to 30% fought alone So the USCB and also O’Malley publicly weigh in (not with a call to the laity to become activist on the topic) but in quiet letter rhetoric objection style – “I object – ho hum ”

Although Cardinal O’Malley has done different things highly questionable he realized clearly THIS IS THE ROLE OF THE BISHOPS right here in speaking out publicly on an issue like this

It might be too little to late but his official declarative statements against Planned Parenthood on the “dehumanizing profiteering” would have flipped out the incarnation theology reiterations of JPII for sure

The Vatican insider had his comments

The mainstream Catholic press ,by majority in the US, only covers O’Malley when he makes liberal statements

Things that you can do to end Abortion – Catholic Women’s Rallies all over the country are multiplying

In the old days of the US West – nuns were militant and had guns – One such nun has a cause for Canonization in the US

While the other Church continues it’s sympathies for LGBT ministries and women Catholic Priest movements and has both inch closer and closer to the Altar there are amazing programs out there in the traditional Catholic Church  completely restoring the ranks of the all male Altar Boys apostolates that are yielding real vocations – See the following story link


8 Minute Vortex video on the fall of the Order of Bishops