These seven Senators will Decide if the Senate  de-Funds Planned Parenthood temporarily for one year while a Federal investigation in launched ~Attached~ within the link are the names and contact phone numbers of the seven Senators within this story story below Our Vigil is for the vote today in the late afternoon/ early evening

For the permanent defunding legislation Diane Black, Congresswoman from Tennessee, laments the lack of House Republicans willing to stand on the ticket of some of the same issues they ran on.  She quotes Dietrich Bohoeffer on the House floor –“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil- Not to speak is to speak Not to act IS to act” – see link for full story

The actual Federal Law that Planned Parenthood is in violation of and the Felony code is clear, despite the rhetoric from Obama and Pelosi

Let us call upon the Graces of the Miraculous Intercessions in prayer