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While acknowledging that in post of the middle ages fall of Zorastrianism countries in the east as well as the fall of many former Eastern Catholic Countries to the muslim religion, these islamic populations have previously been on steep increase rises for centuries

But is that really still the case? Is it still the largest growing religion in the rest of the world or do the statistics prove this to be the current societal and media mythology and are the real growths in large numbers in only this one small region while headed in the other downward direction in the rest of the free world ?

Interesting alternative study finds

Islam: Fastest Shrinking Religion in the World

Islam: Fastest Shrinking Religion in the World

Governments – Military and Police can never overcome a religion – “Only a religion can overcome another religion” – Book Review includes the case by  non-Catholic ex-Muslims  for the assertion of a “Catholic States”

Islam Is A Religion Only Another Religion Can Beat

There is a mythology of a “peaceful islam” and a “militant islamic religion” but proper research shows that the ISIS State and Sharia law form was and is “the” muslim exegesis of the Quran

See the Mythologies Surrounding Islam vs. The Truth on each item

The Catholic Patriarch of Iraq Acknowledged Iraq To Now Be An Isis State On Radiovaticana News

The actual historical Muhammad was a “polytheist” and scholars argue whether the muslim abandonment of polytheism and adoption of monotheism came at his hands or at the hands of his contemporary leaders and followers that came after him

One thing is certain is that he begged a reliance on the basis of natural law and philosophy and the study of Aristotle ! He insisted on an increase of scholarship centers similar to that of the organization of his surroundings of western civilization centered around the monasteries as education centers –

The similarity between Catholicism and the mohammedanism heresy of islam that broke out of it is that both insisted on a study basis in Aristotle philosophy and natural law – These studies as a basis existed for the first 300 to 400 years in mohammedanism until it was abolished by their laws for sharia like exegetical interpretations of the quran – further lending to belief in the Truth that our God would not leave his people without an earthly authority structure –

The Trinitarian law of the Universe would not leave His people in such a state – – although the following of “A god” – one of many- that a religion has chosen to enslave itself to, apart from the Trinity would by it’s natural reversion to it’s lowest common denominator – fallen creation. The understanding of fallen creation is something to which it and it’s god denies