It’s that time of year again & never was it more needed, in the history of this country, such as a Walking Pilgrimage like this

Dating from the 8th Century of such Pilgrimages this is the 28th here in the US –

It will make its way from East Meadows New Jersey beginning Thursday morning August 6th and arrive at the Czestochowa city complex in Doylestown, PA on Sunday August 9th by the noon Mass at the Cathedral

Three groups separated by about 30 to 60 minutes – two Polishes groups and one American group led by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

All totaled somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 people will make the Journey

Come for two or three days ,or just come Saturday night and camp out with us at a big Polish farm for Adoration and music in the largest well organized Catholic camp in the United States and walk into Czestochowa with us on Sunday

Buses will take  people from the gargantuan parking lots at the John Paul II Cultural Center, that some call Czestochowa City, PA, all morning every morning – out to the moving Pilgrimage

Many people arrive at Czestochowa from out of State and far away places on Saturday just after sunrise including Hispanic groups

All you need is a tent –(Walmart -Target or Camp Moore $50 and up )  They take care of everything else – moving your tagged equipment – food – drinks – rest stops- portable bathrooms – everything – They’ve been doing Pilgrimages for hundreds of years before there was a United States- For lay people – religious, young people, old people, everyone

The journey will mimic your sojourn through this alien world –We’ll walk together – you’ll meet new friends and old friends- we’ll will pray together – we’ll confess together –we’ll cry together – We’ll carry each other and each other’s stuff but when we come over the hill -when you walk through the gates it will be just you and the Lord ………..

and you’ll hear the cheering of the Saints and It’ll be just you and heaven in that  last stretch

Here are the videos – In Polish and American – Watch the one in Polish and you’ll see within it better

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Updated Logistical Information on the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal Site

 The History of the Eastern Madonna

May our Lady bring you home to the doorsteps of the house of the Lord