To be Christian soldiers sometimes we have to march against the culture of death

There must be a paradigm change to send the “offense” on the field during the game (our sojourn here on earth) while the Defense is worn out due to fighting a two front battle from the outside and defending the Truth from the battle inside the walls

Let’s all get on board with this thing Please email AND call your Congress rep and Senator of how important we think this bill is

The Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2105 bill is attached in pdf and linked below for your review and support

Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015 Planned Parenthood Act of 2015

Please also sign the petition -The Link is right in the middle of the page of the story that broke nationally on Congress’s Bill for the Immediate Defunding Of Planned Parenthood

As Congress Bears Down On Planned Parenthood;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1437685227/RO=10/

The Doctor  on the 1st undercover video (Nucatola) tries to duck appearing for the Congressional Hearing Investigation – Congress responds to Planned Parenthood ” Give us Nucatola or we’ll subpoena her ! “

Father Pavone gives witness to the escalation of activism among all Christians

10 minute video ~link ~

Pro-life Stories are everywhere  as the Christians of the this country come to realize that their money is being used to fund a spare parts harvesting of cutting up babies for profit and the realization that this is currently classified as a Felony in the Unites States of America –

Let’s not let the Truth get in the way of the new political agendas
See American Life League and the full gamut of stories breaking out against the Culture of Death

The corruption on the medical side of the abortion business is articulated in white paper after white paper on American Life League

Currently the practices of re-ordering the timeline in the execution of the baby and creating dilation in the women to get the whole baby to harvest the parts is a felony- advocates say the law must be changed and call for it to become un-legislated and not classed as a felony

One such report explains why things will not change in the near future unless Ontological natural law in the Catholic interpretation of Truth that “life begins at conception” is re-accepted by the majority

Here is illustrated how a world-wide vaccine pharmaceutical industry has a multi-billion dollar addiction to baby parts – and baby tissue for generating vaccines to cure illnesses and prolong life for the living

Kill off the next generation to preserve the current generations is the current concept – It’s neo-eugenics – The Planned Parenthood’s scientists have stated that they are proud that they have gone past  their own limits and transcended eugenics

Although Catholics are complaining Catholic hospitals and the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry are something they are in the middle of – Let’s be realistic

If a real investigation is to be done after this it needs to be into the Catholic Hospitals and their 3rd party refer clinics by the no-show Bishops and by a war time concigliere Pope into the International Catholic Bio-ethics Center which is equally corrupt

The old phrase – How prolife are you ? applies – Everyone draws a line somewhere Have you ever told your stock broker or your company’s 401K manager that you want all your holdings divested of companies involved in the culture of death ? – It becomes not only difficult to make any money but to find the `15% to 25% of companies ( depending on industry) that are available to repopulate your investment holdings choices if you really look into it

Despite Hilary Clinton’s leading the Planned Parenthood defense in the United States – There are Democrat Senators that are for a full and thorough investigation of Planned Parenthood

When you ask the majority of pro-abortion people “if life does not begin at conception when then does it begin” They cannot answer you”

Last night on EWTN’s Weekly Catholic National News Show at 8:00pm – Raymond Arroyo apostatized – He had on Governor George Pataki – The pro –homosexual – pro- abortion- pro-euthanasia – self excommunicated Catholic proceeded to go on and on about why he can be Catholic and pro-choice while conducting a friendly discussion with Raymond Arroyo to which Arroyo never contested one word

He said he would “support a 20 week ban but never to over-turn Roe vs.Wade because he has to serve the public “ His twisted upside down logic was nodded and coo’d by Raymond Arroyo on a premier “Catholic” channel but never objected to

Raymond Arroyo then congratulated the Governor and then shook the apostate’s hand on International television thereby corrupting every single young person in the world that was watching the show and further witnessing to the real problem is within the Catholic Church not outside of it as the primacy of the problem

If you wish to locate it the link for the rebroadcast or the on-demand video of it you can but I refuse to re-post EWTN, the relativist liberal protestant -catholic television station’s on demand links  These people are after the children both the pre-born and the pre-adult

Saint Michael The Archangel defend us against the vultures and their trees

Vultures In Waiting On The Englewood Cliffs of the Pailsades Waiting To Descend