Friends in Christ

Your immediate action and assistance on this is required

Father George Rutler has just posted the following emergency that was forwarded over the Una Voce Newark broadcast link on what is about to take place at the hands of the the heterodox modernist Pastor Father Robbins that was appointed as in-charge of the Church of Our Savior -midtown – east side

Father G. Rutler states that

“Father Robbins is in the process of removing the other icons and also wants to remove the large Pantocrator.  The demolition is in process, and the intention is to finish it before anyone can protest ! So immediate action is needed !  The Cardinal must be flooded with messages, and there should be notice on as many liturgical/arts websites as possible.

Any delay will be too late !


The former Wanderer Forum that became the Saint Robert Bellarmine Forum has the story

And live on the ground updates on his Facebook page is is the Sacred Art, artist Ken Woo


Please forward as many messages as possible

I add the following resources for your consideration

The Nuncio to the Holy See is Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano – Massachusetts Avenue – Washington DC

Novus Motus Liturgicus is at

The NYC Catholic Artists Society is at

Diocese complaint sites

The Office of Cardinal Dolan (212)-371-1000

Church Militant Television is at

Thank you and we ask

Saint Michael the Archangel To Defend Us In Battle but battle we must