Tonight At Holy Innocents NYC the premiere of St. Therese of Lisieux – The Musical will be presented at 7:15pm

It will follow a Traditional Sacrifice of the Mass for Saint Mary Magdalen The Penitent (6:00pm)– The class of Mass will be a double major Missa Cantata offered in the color of white and the veneration of the 1st class relic will preclude the commencement to the Church hall- The Musical is Directed and performed by Michel Pasca and it is a free will offering event

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Saint Therese of Lisieux - The Musical 072115 @ HI

The Feast of Saint Anne falls on this Sunday this year The 105th celebration of this Feast with Outdoor Procession through the Streets of Hoboken with the Grandmother of Jesus Christ will follow the 12pm Mass – Most likely they will not have Her out of the Church until 1:15pm – or closer to 1:30pm – She is an extremely beautiful old and very heavy icon

Novena prayer schedule of Blessing events at the Church every night this week on the ~link~

Saint Anne Feast Novena Schedule Hoboken NJ 2015

Of note

The whole history of the construction of the Church of Saint Anne including the amazing restoration of side Altars following the fire in 1947 and the dismantling (in phases) of sections of the Holy Communion Rail until it disappeared. The progression of which can be seen in the video on the Parish’s web site. The Catholic restoration will restore it one day soon. ~Link ~ It’s still an amazing Sacred Architecture Church and the high Altar is still extant. I don’t Facebook but FYI there is an existing Facebook page for this Feast with the Entertainment schedule – Hope to see you on Procession

Also of note

One of the stops on the Procession is another rare treat. Equidistant between Saint Francis and Saint Anne off Jefferson( Alley ) St. is the private Catholic Chapel of Santa Febronia where Relics will be venerated on the Procession stop

This is the Chapel where we will again coordinate a special Traditional Rite Mass for the Feast of Saint Lucy on December 16th 2015 in this very special little Chapel , in Hoboken. In  conjunction with this Santa Lucia Mass we will organize an end of the year fund raiser and speaker /talk for the post Sandy storm restoration of an electric heat an system  to this Chapel, so please keep an eye out for that

Jersey City Events

La Festa Italiana on 6th and Monmouth Streets in Jersey City August 8th through August 16th, out of Holy Rosary and in celebration of the Solemnities of the Transfiguration or Our Lord and the Assumption of Our Lady

~See the Link for all the details ~

Also on the same street is the the victorian gothic Roman Catholic Church Saint Anthony of Padua that will Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form for this Solemnity of the Transfiguration Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 7:00 PM

And again at Saint Anthony of Padua Jersey City for the Solemnity of The Assumption of Our Lady on Saturday, August 15th at 11:00 AM

August 15th Continued

For those interested in flying down for the Summer Sacred Music Workshop in Georgia  that day instead, it will be held at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church in Jasper, GA, also on the Assumption of Our Lady August 15, 2015.

~Details on the link ~

The Feast of Saint Rocco

Due to the unprecedented closure of NYC Catholic Parishes– even those with active communities- are slated for sale by Cardinal Dolan, the 126th Feast of Saint Rocco NYC will be moved to the Church of the Most Precious Blood – Little Italy (Canal and Baxter Streets) Sunday August 16th, 2015 See color flyer for details ~link~or visit the Society’s home page

Saint Rocco Feast NYC August 16th 2015 - Moved To Most Precious Blood

Major announcement

The 1st Authentically Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Newark will open this September ! – A Traditional Catholic Middle School and High School

Sedes Sapientiae School

The School’s inaugural class will range from approximately 11 to 20 students. Launching this school has been a tremendously daunting undertaking, several years in the making. Those  associated with the school are reaching out to all Restoration minded Catholics  for all the support they can get, including prayers, and to “spread the word” about this exciting development.

The school has certain fixed expenses, yet a modest inaugural class. Until the enrollment numbers come up (which will take a few years), but will most assuredly grow quickly in this climate of needed Catholic Restoration. In the interim the financial situation will, of course, be precarious. Any financial assistance help now, at this critical moment, is more of a local rebuilding and Catholic restoration then anything else we can think of. The website provides more information about the School, and has a link for donations during their critical formation time-

~See Site Link ~

Their Mission: To Form Minds and Hearts – Sedes Sapientiae School’s mission is to produce graduates formed by the greatest thinkers of Catholic and western civilization. Sedes Sapientiae School aims not only at endowing students with the skills necessary for successful studies in excellent colleges, but also at producing life-long learners that have a solid foundation for a lifetime of intellectual and spiritual growth. The school thereby fosters the development of students as witnesses of eternal Truth.

Retreat for Men

The retreat is Themed “The Comforts of Christ” and will take place through the 2nd weekend of November 2015 in Sloatsburg, NY. It is sponsored by The Traditional Knights of Columbus Council Agnus Dei – out of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 116th Street NYC that just recently helped lead their 113th Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel – The retreat master will be Father John Perricone PhD. that leads the Traditional Mass community of Jersey City, NJ – Also Regional listing Una Voce Newark ~See flyer link for registration details~

Retreat For Men _Agnus Dei Sloatsburg NY N0V-2015

Newark NJ

Also for the end of November, for the 125th Anniversary Dinner celebration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Newark – The Dinner Affair and Applications for Family Page Ads in their Journal is RSVP by August- flyer / application ~Link~


 *Note for today*

A Woman, Mary Magdalen the Penitent, was the first one to see our Lord Jesus Christ risen from the dead, walking the earth and talking to her.

Ressurection Sunday 2015

In Jesus Mary and Joseph