Michael Matt discusses the Catholic Restoration and Traditional Catholic movement vs. the still on-going revolution in the Catholic Church and how it’s all connected together – On a July edition of “Remnant Catholic TV from the Catacombs”- 10 minute video


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Michael Voris Discusses the bravery and the militancy that will be required of young men in this “The Last Days” On a July edition of CMTV – 5 minute video


Renewal Starts With Us –

It seems everyone is saying the same thing – We no longer live in a Christian state – Rome has already fallen before – and in the words of the Catholic Journal article’s author Anthony Esolen we now live in a “sub-pagan state, or metastate, a monstrous thing, which is all-meddlesome”

Renewal Starts With Us – In a July print edition of Crisis – Catholic Journal


We should not be surprised to see big cases of full persecution against US Catholics now escalate from a monthly basis to a weekly basis and in some cases multiple incidents per week

This past Sunday we closed a week long veneration of one of the oldest Catholic Feasts of the Mother of God in the Church with ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ in the highlights but among the minor details we still Processed with…………..

1. “Police protection” and 2. With a Crucifix out in front of 3. a Roman Catholic Flag

How long before the Procession of such symbols outside of private property is declared a hate crime in this Country ? 12 months , 24 months or 30 months –       I would venture to say that unless the Restoration movement takes hold in the greater area Church among the neo-Catholic type Parishes that it’s a forgone conclusion that it will become assuredly illegal in the United States within 30 months

Catholic Flags On Procession Catholic Flags On Procession_02

How Much Is This Being Driven From Within ‘The’ Church

The Progressivist celebrity priest that does not believe in Hell as a real place but a non-binding dogma (Father Robert Barron) is promoted to Bishop in Los Angeles by Pope Francis I who now marks over a dozen moves of the most liberal prelates into high ranking promotions in the Catholic Church


Famous philosophers some Catholic and some not even Catholic petition newly appointed liberal leaders of the Dominican Order in Rome – pleading with them not to liberalize & close major Dominican houses of Sacred Art and Culture in Florence Italy

Story posted on “Chiesa ExpressOnline It”

http://chiesa.espresso.repubblica.it/articolo/1351095?eng=y&refresh_ceIn other

New Appointed administration in Spain removes Stations of the Cross (in Stone) as disrespectful to non-believers and muslims, following in lock step with a world-wide ” Progressivist agenda”


Progressivist Synods commence in other parts of the world


Rebellious Bishops and their theologians are preparing a white paper of dissent for publication, Catholic review and input & open feedback from and for the laity?!


Then from “established Catholic media” comes the sound of crickets – a few propaganda blasts and the sound of more crickets

May these Two Hearts level this field


Sacred Heart Of Jesus