The landmark event of the 125th Anniversary Feast (of survival ) of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was attended by loyal local parishioners and residents that joined multiple Holy Priests in the Pontifical Procession with Bishop Bernard Hebda and Pastor Msgr. Ambrosio to mark the event

It was however marred by a very disappointing turn out of other same Diocese Parishes and particularly disgraceful from the Parishioners of the Newark area parishes – that did not attend the event even to the 1% ratio of Newark area Catholic Parishioners

At the heart of it is the lack of authentic Catholic Philosophy in today’s modernism Catholic Theology

I venture to say this is evidence of the new Church theology of the Catholic Churches becoming autocephalous – Each to their own completely separate charisms and beliefs like protestantism and economic survival is not regional but singular

It is also actually the result of Collegiality of Church government fostered by Pope Paul VI which is a model of Eastern Orthodox Church government –which is why we have Bishop Conferences , Synods and Synodal conflicts – It is an Autocephalous model we must resist

One way we can all make up for this is by sending a half page add to their journal for their 125th Anniversary Dinner in November and/or buying tickets for the black tie event

Flyer/Application link below – RSVPs due by August 30th, 2015

Some outstanding  overview articles below – on this very same topic – by a renown Catholic Philosophy Professor

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Two key articles from DQ McIerney, PhD – Professor of Philosophy at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary holds MA, BA and PhD from the National University of Ireland and the University College of Cork

In a June NOR Journal piece on “The Rise and Fall of Thomistic Renewal in Christian Philosophy” he explains how Catholic philosophy and scholastic was completely revived in the 19th Century and completely dismantled in Vatican II

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The Rise and Fall of Thomistic Renewal in Christian Philosophy

And in the Fraterutas Sacredotalis Sancti Petri (FSSP) Newsletter that regularly posts philosophy and theology pieces, DQ McIerney posted (also in a June edition) “Remembrance and Continuity”  in his piece on the roll of the Collective Memory in authentic Catholic Philosophy and in Tradition

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Remembrance and Continuity in Catholic Tradition and Philosophy

Flyer/Application link below – RSVPs due by August 30th, 2015

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One can study Sacred Scripture by themselves for decades but if they do not have a proper anthropology and social teaching as to where each plugs into our place and position on the earth and in life it will have minimal wider impact to “go forth then” and be Apostles in the shadow and model of Our Lady

Tradition Family and Property must be defended (not just randomly from anywhere) but from a base and the base must be (philosophically) here

The marble restoration of the High Altar of OLMC Newark was completed by the contributions of generous local benefactors in 2013 and onto which the Traditional Rite Mass is still said to this day as one of this Parish’s regular Mass offerings

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Newark, NJ

Your ancestors are calling you to a roll of Intercession for what could be the last US Catholic generation

Holy Rosary Jersey City