The link /road here is the one that we’ve been saying all along not only exists but is actually a highway – The ideological and theological dissent of the various levels of Catholic hierarchy, from Priests to Bishops and Cardinals are driving young people out of the Catholic Church by conservative estimates in the hundreds of thousands – by my estimates , internationally, by the millions.

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Planned Parenthood and the Jesuits

However ! it’s very unpopular right now to talk about the organized dissent of the Jesuits as our Catholic Church is currently under the ruler-ship of a South American Jesuit that is  (we shall politely say)  also pro-“alternative economic systems” that sit on the other side of capitalist democracy To avoid the connection is now more than naivety or complacency

Criticism of the Pope by Catholic theologians and journalists is seen by a large majority camp within the Church as division – Anyone who studies the history of Catholic teaching knows this is not the case. It’s only when Infallible teaching is made in a state of ex cathedra or when there is a declaration made on Faith and morals can we not dissent. To all else the Doctor of the Catholic Church Saint Thomas Aquinas says it is not only OUR RIGHT as Baptized Confirmed Catholics to confront Priests – Bishops and Cardinals of their errors but in Aquinas Scholastics IT IS A REQUIREMENT of Faithful Catholics

Our Doctor, Saint Thomas, states the following on the subject of Resistance movement to a Pope or Pontificate

“There being an imminent danger for the Faith, prelates must be questioned, …. a duty to prevent him, and likewise an obligation to oppose him and resist him.

In the Pope’s own words yesterday He said that He must state that “in the term of his Pontificate he has not spoken well and he has made errors” end quote

No Pope in the history of the Catholic Church (although there have been several in the history of the Church that have propagated erred teachings has ever openly admitted multiple errors

He was questioned about this Liberation theology of elevating the poor to the exclusion of everything else and how there is only the poor and the rich

Yesterday (for example) he said that He “admitted he had been wrong on this, and that he would study the question and think about it more, and would try to improve in the future. He thanked the reporter for pointing out this fault in his public teaching so far.” end quote

The Catholic teachings on the requirements of Resistance and Catholic Restoration,d.cWw

Pope Pius then publicly confirmed for the record that Saint Thomas teaching on “resistance” by the Faithful to an erred teadhings to apply also to a Pope (Please see his Summa Theologica in link for the full teaching on the Doctor of the Church at Thomas Aquinas . edu,d.cWw

Fraternal correction (as theology and Catholic social teaching terms it) for ecclesial consecrated religious does not belong to prelates or upper prelates alone,d.cWw

But again the current real over-arching problem is not the Jesuits or the Pope – It’s an ideology and the lack of prereq Catholic education needed by the laity to intelligently oppose it

When the conservative protestant and non-Catholic world becomes more orthodox than a growing percentage of Catholic prelates It’s a Catholic scandal that requires the Faithful Catholic populace (in war time) to embarrass these prelates out of their errors

You must remember that in “war time” there are different rules of engagement – We’re so far past love them back into faithfulness that the errors on required rules of engagement are beginning to shift to the negligence and lack of action amongst the faithful of the laity not the Catholic dissenters !

Here we have a fifth State of the United States having launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood and the call for defunding of US Citizens Tax dollars to be gaining steam in Congress while the Jesuits and other high level prelates in OUR Catholic Church dissent

And rank and file Catholics saying “SSshhhh… you mustn’t be divisive”

To the majority of the these Catholics I would say your struggle lies in the required changing of gears to a different paradigm era – The Catholic peace and love era as a method of dealing with internal apostasy and heresy has ended – read your own 2000 year Catholic history to find your place in history – I venture to say that you are not as of yet prepared for this ‘beginning of the end of times’

I would also venture to say that the real scandal is becoming the actions – the reactions (or the lack there –of ) amongst the faithful Catholic Laity – The sins are laying (by majority) with ourselves – The problem is ‘us”

Forgive us for being one of those old fashion Catholics that still believe that a Catholic teaching that was declared Infallible no matter how long ago is still Infallible AND that we are to strive towards the Mystical Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ AND the Social Reign of Him as Christ the King in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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