Let the record show that on the July 15th Vigil of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2015 a larger consensus movement to “Defund Planned Parenthood” began


By now mostly every pro-lifer has seen at least part of the 2 &1/2 hour hidden camera video interview with the woman Director doctor at Planned Parenthood’s advice to ( those posing as )3rd party organ harvesting affiliates and start ups – looking for older babies up to 24 weeks and all types of organs

Her information about guidance and training to other abortion Doctors to cut off the baby’s head last to preserve the organ being sold as a primacy method (on video tape)

Organ harvesting is big business

This is how the organ harvesting started “without consent” in Europe like a science fiction movie come to life

Court decision – link – another case without the person’s consent

http://hudoc.echr.coe.int/webservices/content/pdf/003-4802378-5851485Judgment Petrova v. Latvia organ transplantation

So Planned Parenthood, attempting,  to do damage control and down play it as regular business (despite the fact that body parts harvesting is illegal even with their pseudo consent from distressed abortive women) admits to the world that it is going on !

But the rest of the world is not down -playing it – They kill the baby and then cut up the body parts to cell to others with your money – If that’s not a science fiction movie plot come to life what is ?!

Immediately the 3rd Party Planned Parenthood Harvester -” Stem Express” Takes Down their web site and closed doors to press comments – Here we go!


Bobby Jindal the stalwart devout Catholic governor in Louisiana immediately halted any Planned Parenthood mill construction in his state and launched a State investigate into PP

Now because of Bobby Jindal – Congress is on board

Now we’re talking !

Even before Jindal announced plans to run for the GOP presidential ticket The circulation of his conversion story from Hinduism to devout Catholic is as close to a model politician as we’ve seen


The power of Our Lady

yOur Lady Of Mount Carmel