Christine Niles of CMTV reports in detail on the Holy Father’s Public Talk on the plane where he discusses his admitted sympathies of Liberation Theology and his former work towards this ideology

Also corrected Italian Catholic spin control that he did not leave the Communist Art cross in Bolivia but in truth accepted it and kept it

He refutes his own spin control people and explains for himself (in deciding to re-do his own damage control-in the media ) as to why he accepted it

Now the Professionals in “mainstream Catholic media” are saying Cardinal Ottaviani’s traditional stances and battles at the Vatican II sessions were not so off the wall and are needing to be returned to

The writer Joseph G. Trabbic is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Ave Maria University and is the assistant editor of, a website for the academic study of St. Thomas Aquinas. Professor Trabbic earned his doctorate from Fordham University in 2008.

Church and State vs. western wide wide trajectory toward Socialism is at issue

National Review begins to question the diplomacy and actions of the current Pope

Life Site News –  Pope Francis and homosexuality: Pope Provides Confusing Contradictory Signs

July 13, 2015 – If “actions speak louder than words,” as the saying goes, the message of Pope Francis on homosexuality is increasingly confusing. On the one hand, he has reiterated the Church’s teaching that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman, and has even repeatedly condemned gender ideology, the intellectual underpinning of the LGBT movement. However both in his deeds – most notably his choice of advisors and prelates to elevate to higher positions – and omissions he has left an impression in many minds that seems very different from the Church’s tradition.

Remember that the power and protection is with the Chair “The Office of Peter”  in it’s “Descendancy” – promise not with the person There were many bad – (even murderous)  Kings in the Lord’s protected line of David

The Chair Of Peter