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One of the organizations this author is registered to is Engineers and Architects for 9-11 Truth – and have been at the subject of cultural denial for well over a decade now

In addition to some of the world renown engineers and architects that have studied the events and some, like myself, that were down there that day have always known these buildings did not come down by fire

But that is something too mind blowing for a generation that is currently in an advanced and aggressive stage of cultural denial in so many other areas of natural law, politics, lack of education, with quantities of people amongst our own ranks who are well read, nil or in diminishing numbers

Professional educators – Sociologists and Philosophers have also contributed to Engineers and Architects For 9-11 Truth  not just in the areas of substantiating the sheer mountain of evidence but substantiating how denial in a culture can take root, proliferate, and in most cases have it’s adherents not even be widely cognizant of how many people have discerned and evidenced the turn to full “corruption” – Granted it’s an extension of philosophy study about how the world opening to the Church turned around and into the Church opening to “the world” and letting the world in and attempting to run in lock step with it rather than compete with it is the cultural milieu of today– Now both are a stage of a cataclysmic impasse – maybe only seen once every thousand to two thousand years – It’s an amazing time to be alive to study something like this happen as we live through it – just amazing

Read this link to see a greater insight to which I refer


It’s not so much all the facts and the material myself and others have accumulated these 13+ years or having watched the controlled demolition of the 3rd tower on 9-11 (at 7 World Trade Center) that was engineered to cause a regional power outage below Canal Street and the largest evacuation to a residential and corporate area next to Louisiana flooding that the US has seen to date It’s not so much the hundreds of data points I could present in evidence or the fact that the majority of the underground passages and spaces beneath these buildings have been re-engineered and that all these properties have now moved from private ownership to over 75% government owned and operated – that’s not the issue at critical path-

That, as always you can watch here as the building comes down in a precision controlled demolition that was engineered by black ops special forces at the base of Con Ed substations at World Trade Center 7 on 9-11 – using a specialized beam erosive explosive known as ‘cordite’ Found on many of the utilities materials down there by many engineers that were silenced at the threat of corporate assisted-suicide.  I saw it happen live and people then didn’t think it was fire on that day either


However that’s NOT the issue the issue at hand

It’s Cultural Philosophy under 100% renovation and a people in denial and supporting institutions and Churches that support and propagate denial and seek to make adversaries of Truth and Christian Militancy – Something in their view had to set in motion the movement towards Socialism since the social architects viewed the society itself in it’s current state as unsustainable (unrelated to the myth of climate vs. population sustainability) The widespread conversion from Christian Faith to the Faith of Nationalism – and sustainable socialism was and is one of the key the paradigms at work

How to do we engineer the re-railing of the the derailed

With one of the greatest Marian Feasts aside The Nativity of Our Lady, Her Immaculate Conception, Assumption, –and Coronation would by far, be this upcoming Thursday’s Feast of Mount Carmel and the Old Rite Vigil the night before This is a place to start and a chance to get back to our roots

If we are looking for authentic Catholic philosophy The Mystic – Saint John of the Cross and his treatise on “The Ascent of Mount Carmel” would give us just that – poetry – asceticism – and Catholic Philosophy underlining Catholic Theology all rolled into one

The contradistinction is that we can turn away from this world without turning into it We can turn away from this world and to a deeper Catholic mysticism without having to take on ‘denial’ of what is really going on

This is the mystery – the contradistinction – the mysticism that is Catholicism


Formerly out of print and only through the Rare book outlets could this one previously be found but can now be located through traditional Catholic distributors

Embracing the Cross at the foot of Her Mount Carmel

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Help end the cultural denial

Let us remember that we are required to worship in spirit AND in Truth

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The Shrine – Reliquary and Altar of Sacrifice of Saint John of the Cross at the Carmelite Convent in Segovia