Our Pope Is To Be Tried By The Sanhedrin

Pope Francis ignores the previous Treaty with Israel brushes off three requests for audience from Israeli formal delegations following the Pope’s just recent signing of a Treaty and a pact recognizing “The State of Palestine” and calls the Grand Mufti his peaceful brother

The State of Israel issues an official statement to the Vatican that if our Pope fails to show the representatives of the 70 (Jewish) nations ( +1 Jerusalem) = 71)  have the right (they said) to try Him in his absence


Interview With The Amazing Bishop Athanatius Snyder follows on the subject of silence from the Bishops on these issues, false ecumenism and the culture of death – Summary of quotes
Catholic Bishops are Running Scared and are Largely Careerists, acknowledges the ideologies of two Churches operating within the Roman Catholic Church

Chilean radical liberal Bishop appointed by Pope Francis continues to be protested by the thousands in Chili outdoor protests
(Why they will win) – The Chilean people are not afraid and have called for a Catholic peoples shut down of all donations to the Bishops!
They should be a shining example to us in “how to” form the Catholic resistance movement

40 Mosques Investigated By International Forces Are Found With Heavy Weaponry


Pontifical Council For Inter-religious Dialogue continues to insist Islam is a religion of Peace calling them who call the worshipers of Jesus Christ “idolaters”  our Brothers and Sisters and a joyful celebration of ‘Id al-Fitr’ ( A June Islamic day that was celebrated by exploding more Christian Churches in Mosul and elsewhere, more than ever before and as taped live by journalists of Robert Spencer’s News feed )

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, ………I am pleased to send you, in the name of all the Catholics around the world and in my name as well, best wishes for a peaceful and joyful celebration of ‘Id al-Fitr. …….. (the unbelievable statements on the official Vatican site can be found here


Islamists Then Kill 60 people in Nigeria Blow up Christians Churches AND Imams IN MOSQUES for preaching what the Islamicists say are calls for the errors of peaceful Islam decrying their errors they blew up the false Mosque


The orthodox Cardinal Pell “The Secretariat of the Economy” declares the wave of homosexual marriage is signaling an international abandonment of Christian foundations

Meanwhile the other Catholic Church, the one in Germany, through an
Official Vatican Radio News feed at the Germany bureau publishes cover story of two lesbians kissing with a story by one of their lead theologians that the Catholic Church has begun to look at homosexual unions in new ways?!

The Predictions Of the Twilight Zone Family Comes To Reality

You must begin to take steps to protect your families and your children from the infiltrated establishment Church while we work together with our Catholic Brothers and Sisters to form the Catholic Resistance Movement