Trying to get a cross section across media to get the actual gist of the message since things are said sometimes ambiguously –Latin is no longer used regularly for Church officials statements so this new era of mistranslations across languages exists and then there is the subjective Catholic media that reports and writes based on it’s left to right orientation

I think the Eponymous Flower article was not objective since it blatantly omitted the positive things the Pope had to say

Pope Francis comments on Charismatic Renewal

And In a Word Press coverage he said the movement was necessary
But the overall gist of the message Pope Francis had to say to 30,000 Charismatic Catholics was that he had encouraging words for the people of the Charismatic Movement but warned of what he saw as tendencies among group leaders towards authoritarianism and insisting on this type of Worship as a universal Catholic worship needing uniformity “to”

I think you would agree that an objective cross section of the journalism on the event and words said same

The message I got on his insistence that the lay leaders #1 not become authoritarian and or have long tenures but #2 that insisting on this type of worship as a universal type Catholic worship is wrong

I believe the Holy Father’s  recent exposure to Eastern Catholic Liturgies and SSPX Masses was a wake-up call –

It cannot be much of a coincidence that the various Curial organizations in the traditional and strong conservative sector that is visibly and currently a Vatican City minority scheduled such visits and official meetings in the months leading up to this one

For my take  I would add the following

If we ignore the rift in Catholic culture -Catholic philosophy and theology and continue to cruise down the road in a state of denial of its existence our status as adopted sons and daughters of Israel will become two divorced tribes

When it comes down to what is authentically Catholic we must look to the roots of the above in Catholic Education

If we look across the US at what is happening across the board – The Charismatic Movement partners, for the most part, with protestant apostolates and schools in various parts of the Country but have built no Catholic schools not one

SSPX is currently constructing their THIRTIETH (30th) “Traditional Catholic” school in the United States and the Ecclesia Dei Communities have built over twice that number of “Traditional Catholic” schools with the total between the two over 100 and growing

80% of Catholic youth leave the Church by the age of 23 for three main reasons

1) The Novus Ordo Mass is an ecumenical man made Mass that is in the majority of all Masses ad libbed by the Priest and his personal reflections of the day and it drives them out  2) There is dissenting Catholic philosophy and theology within the new Mass and in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that drives the remainder seeking authentic Faith out  3) Catholic schools are by majority teaching an understanding of the world that opposes Catholic teaching and Catholic apostolates reporting in from all over the country have encountered the vast majority of US Catholic school teachers that feel it’s part of their oath that they took as a teacher to explain and teach to the children that “the world and the way we have to see it and operate in it” is different from the official old Catholic teachings

 The back up

 Why Catholics are losing the battle for souls (of our young people)

Fordham University in NYC has had a ruling Chairman of the Theology Department practicing homosexuality to the on-going complaint of several Catholic apostolates of undermining their work – Notwithstanding this the  Bishops are ok with it and he will remain the Catholic Theology Department head

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Meanwhile there is another dimension of this while several of these Catholic traditionalist print and video outfits are focusing on the “negligence” of Bishops another factor to be analyzed at another time is the percentage of Bishops that believe that they themselves are part of a movement to create a new world religion and re-shape “the Church” into a neo-Catholicism via the Salvation theology of Universalism

For the life of me I don’t understand why  

the laity are not confronting their Bishops with such plain and straighforward questions such as asking them personally and directly in writing what their theology is ‘What school of Catholic thought do you come from your Eminence “?!

Which charism do uou feel the Church should head in ? a Jesuit school of thought – Dominican – Benedictine – or Franciscan –?

Or do you feel your Eminence that the old order is in dissolution ?

What was the majority of the Church for the majority of salvation history is now the orientation of what they call “sectarians”

No more…..Dominican – Benedictine – or Franciscan –

But now Charismatics – NeoCatechumens – Liberals …Conservatives etc….

Many say there should only be Faithful and Unfaithful Catholics to which I would agree and point us then at the interpretation question of “what is Faithful Catholic” and point to the fact that it is certainly not what the majority are practicing today

To continue the questions to our Bishops to ask

Is being Faithful no longer aggressively evangelizing to the Catholic Church in challenging environments and even at work your Eminence ?

What should be the missionary work of the Church? – Should the Church no longer evangelize people from other religions to the one true Body of Christ ?

I think you already know the answer to some of these questions and you know already what a Bishop would do to one of his Priests if he was caught admonishing a protestant assembly for flying a rainbow flag inside and outside their assembly hall and/or accused of evangelizing them out of there

Or inside of a Jewish synagogue “Proposing the Truth and asking them to leave and come follow Jesus” – The Priest would be severely punished or possibly suspended from his appointment

But isn’t that exactly what the Apostles preached asking the adherents in a Jewish synagogue to leave and come follow Jesus through them ?

 It’s hard to imagine that

the Catholic Church has much bigger problems than the errors within all these external movements – the idea that it has been  attempting to live a different religion and preaching for decades, from within the Church, something that is very different from Catholicism (and in the majority of the Church ) is too mind blowing for most people

But then again that’s how regimes progressed towards take-over.  It wasn’t until the 3rd Reich was expanding it’s domain into the occupation of a 7th country that the new regional philosophy seemed as if all the Island nations surrounding Japan and the smaller countries in the Russia region were becoming a “unified international ideology” supporting the concept of a 3rd Reich did the religious academics and world financing elements finally announce to the rest of the world that the majority of the world was still cruising around in denial in need of a bucket of water wake up call

When Neo first became unplugged in the Matrix The first thing that was said to him when he woke up on the other side was “Welcome to the real world, Neo”

The sheer weight just prior to collapse is never evident to most until a louder cracking sound is heard at the base of what one is standing on

Cardinal Weight Rating