New (aspostolic) Commissioner or Commisarre’ is appointed for the Franciscan Friars Of The Immaculata with sub Commissioners that have Canon Law expertise – It seems to be emerging a case of Our Lady of Mercy coming upon them

Behind the scenes it is now said that their deposed leaders were upholding Vatican  I “extra ecclesiam nulla salus” in their Seminaries and Friaries (the sub-title theme of this blog) the former Infallibly declared Catholic dogma that “There is no salvation outside the Church”   Most likely they will be given the new ecumenical corrective orientation 1983 update to the 1917 Canon law and released on their own recognizance (if they swallow it)

It’s almost like insisting that the Sacrament of Penance be administered inside of traditional Confessionals while kneeling in keeping with the previous millenniums A new Rite priest could get in a lot of trouble with today’s Bishops for upholding Catholic teaching in a modern Catholic era It could in itself be considered a modern era Catholic sin of antiquarianism (no joke)

Full story in Italia on Correspondenza Romana

Short press release (in English)  released several days ago on Novus Motus Liturgicus –

More to follow soon – Hopefully the NY and Connecticut MIM will be let to re-establish itself for Our Lady in blue – Keep them in your prayers

As the Friars are fond of saying in the time honored traditional religious Catholic greetings

Laudetur Jesu Christus


Et Maria Immaculata