The Main Target in Jihad organizing and Muslim preaching is repeatedly found to be “Rome”

Italian women newly converted from Christianity to Islam are arrested by Italian Police for terrorist work

They were convinced that Rome is in a religion of “idolatry” and must be overtaken by force – The women articulate the teaching as to why just killing is not enough that the Quran dictates that THEY MUST be beheaded as well – either before or after killing

A Lebanese journalist familiar with Islam articulates how Jihad killings and ISIS – imposition of Sharia law are inseparable from the Quran and what the majority of Islam believes to be “true Islam”

Meanwhile Office of The Holy See following a Conference in Bruxelles infuses the European Parliament with issues of propaganda and hot air – maintaining the Muslim Islamic problem is not a Muslim Islamic problem but a terrorism problem in war torn countries – full stop

And the denial not only continues but is propagated and rolled into the Climate Change Agenda – Recommendations are made to the European Parliament to combine and introduce sanctions at the 2015 Summit in France slated to convene in December to install the one world government being put into place now behind the scenes while everyone is diverted to international homosexual sex and man-made climate change

Substantiation of the story here

(Vatican Radio News) A conference was held on Thursday, July 1st, in Bruxelles on the theme “Persecution of Christians in the world” at the European ParliamentOrganized by the Group for intercultural activities and religious dialogue, the Conference sought to sensitize public opinion on the European level to the reality of Christians in war-torn areas.Members of the conference proposed to the European parliament a resolution presented in April after the murder of students in Kenya by the terrorist group, Al-Shabaab. Among the religious leaders present at the conference was the Archbishop of Baghdad, Jean Benjamin Sleiman, OCD, whom Fr. Leszek Gęsiak, director of the Polish Program of Vatican Radio, interviewed.

For the story link or to listen to the full (ridiculous) interview with Archbishop Sleiman: On Vatican Radio – located here

Real Life Translation 

Even the pro man made climate change Wikipedia Encyclopedia articles acknowledge that whomever comes to control the Climate Change will control UNFCO – and Global Governance (see link below) –The current theologies and philosophies of the one world government include birth permits based on level of economic wherewithal – – personal financial penalties and loss of institutional tax exempt status for not accepting transgendered people into roles of “authority” – Programs for families to encourage terminally ill family members to euthanize themselves for the greater good – Required organ harvesting and organ recycling programs ……Financial penalties for giving birth to a down syndrome baby – Tax incentives for using perfect gene sperm via invitro fertilization over natural methods ….etc,,,etc,,,

Coincidence that that the United Nations Steering Committee AND The World Economic Forum AND the World Climate Summit will all meet in France in December 2015 – Will we see here within a year of this date the lines being drawn for the beginnings of World War III and just one more pertinent question among others – on the eve of the Fatima Centenary

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What is hidden under the World Climate Summit

The 1st acting interim one world government leader Ban Ki Moon

 The stage will be set for two opposing all powerful pagan empires to battle each other until – the “IT” comes to power to unite ‘them’

GPS  Re-programming of Cross Hairs Coordinates Targets………the New Jersusalem

Saint Peters Square Vatican City, Italy