Surprising Developments as Pope Francis Is Sympathetic To SSPX following Seminaries Visitations By Vatican Officials – Pontiff called the SSPX clergy and people “Catholics’ working towards full reconciliation” – wow



In an effort for uniting Western Christianity and Eastern Orthodoxy He has just  elevated to top 3 priorities of his Pontificate, requesting Catholics pray about the Eastern Orthodox 2016 Synod and the Pope’s request for the East to take back to their Synod his unification considerations –  Even the people that are anti-Francis have to admit this is impressive


He wants the reconciliation of the Orthodox and the Traditionalists – He also clearly cited the doctrinal differences in the East as “something that is not  ‘invisible’ but needs to be struggled through”

Even from a man-made climate change theory perspective – whose theory is about as solid as Darwin’s WHAT IF –his key advisers are letting him know that with the ‘type” of temperament and culture of the East these communities NEED a unifying reason for what the East calls “to save face” and therefore something everyone has to do – regardless of the premises

Stranger things and circumstances have brought schismatic groups back to ‘one’ as evidenced from some of the great ecclesiastical history books and true stories

I’m willing to hit the required ‘working towards Charity as a virtue’ reset button on this Pontificate and ask for forgiveness

On the subject of Pontiffs – Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI responded together to US Supreme Court’s Marriage decision


And as the former White House now “The  Rainbow House” suggests legislation to remove the logo from US money “One Nation Under God” and change to “One Nation Under Pride”

We as Catholics have to simultaneously  begin to lower “self” and “pride” in ourselves as a counter balance in the world – As John The Baptist prepared us for in the Liturgy – We must decrease while He increases (at the exact same time that secular culture meets us on the road going in the opposite direction)


Pope Saint Pius X – Pray with us for Pope Francis