Maybe the protestant legacy philosophy and theology , can be pointed to, over hundreds of years of work of wearing down the walls of singular Catholic theocratic authority to personal autonomy of Christians through their own personal interpretation of “their own form of Jesus” as a large indirect cause coupled with the work of international ecclesial Freemasonry but not the ‘direct cause’

When it came down to the gun It’s always Catholics that pull the trigger in every century in every apostasy in history It was a Catholic that pulled the trigger !

In this case it is again the Irish and Irish /American Catholics that lead the way in Apostatizing the US

An 80 year old Irish Catholic Apostate , Anthony Kennedy throws the United States Supreme Court decision over the margin

For the month of June the US flag should be flown upside down side by side with the flag of the Emerald Island (in the US and Ireland) in front of every public building in the country

Obergefell v. Hodges immediately becomes the precedent case enshrined in law to be studied by every Law entity, Catholic college and bar association in the country

The permanent boiler plate of the Catholic poster boy for pseudo marriage was written ( like the obituaries before  famous people die) and posted to Wikipedia even before the decision came down

Catholic Poster Boy is put up in gay bar men’s bathrooms

Anthony_Kennedy_official_poster boy for homosexual marriage law

The majority of the US Supreme Court justices are Catholics and they are the ones led by Kennedy who himself wrote and handed you this pseudo marriage law

Justice Kennedy, the author of the Court’s opinion handed it down on the 2nd anniversary of Windsor vs. the United States (2013) that overturned DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) and to which he also wrote the court’s opinion blatantly ignoring precedent in the 1972 Baker v. Nelson case, which ruled there is no constitutional right to homosexual “marriage.”72′

In response Justice Scalia – a traditional Catholic – who regularly attends Traditional Mass and whose Son is a traditional Catholic Priest led the writings on the dissent that did an outstanding job of defending the US Constitution – the Declaration of Independence and the 14th Amendment

He was joined by Justice Thomas and Justice Alito – The majority of the Supreme Court are made up of Catholics with a Jewish minority and there are no Protestants currently on the Supreme Court nor have their been since 2010

Everyone should read the dissent as it is being touted, not as a Catholic response, but the best Supreme Court Justice dissent ever written in the history of the US and will be studied for some time to come by all types of legal professions and social historians (Read on National Review for objectivity’s sake) at the following link

Then in probably the best background & breakdown of the US Supreme Court in relation to this issue is written in both Part #1 and Part #2 by Christine Niles –of CMTV talented Vietnamese/American Catholic law grad from Oxford and Notre Dame

Part #1 Highlights Justice Scalia but gives the overall demographic and breakdown of the Court

Part #2 gives breakdown highlighting Justice Roberts on the the legacy of Catholic Apostasy

Justice Clarence Thomas gives an excellent and eloquent concurrence to the Scalia dissent and highlights the ruinous affects that will domino through the former freedoms in this country

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – The Supreme Court’s conservative justices lambasted today’s majority opinion that the U.S. Constitution grants an inalienable right to same-sex “marriage,” emphasizing the threat the opinion poses to religious liberty, the democratic process, and the institution of marriage even as it is redefined.


On this day of Solemnity of the Apostle Martyrs Saints Peter and Paul it would be good to remember their symbols of Word and Deed in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are not separable

Peter was crucified upside-down with the symbol of the rooster on the cross beam and he is buried directly beneath the main Altar of Saint Peter’s of Vatican City and lives in testament and symbol next the Lord’s Word in Saint Paul in infamy

Peter Curcified Upside Down_002

Peter Curcified Upside Down