Amazingly interesting laser scanning brings to life grand scale Sacred Architecture construction in 3D

Andrew Tallon Prof from Vassar mapping the episcopal national Cathedral in Washington DC – He has has mapped several ancient Catholic Cathedrals as well, including Notre Dame

National Geographic Video ~link~

How an amateur Built the World’s Biggest Dome (not exactly an amateur)


The Florence Italy Cathedral should be a must visit on anyone’s short term to-do list

Filippo Brunelleschi

The history of the construction – the evolution of the technology – the financing – the unions – all tied to the Sacred

The competition with him and his Sacred Architecture – partner Architect Lorenzo_Ghiberti (forced partnership by Italian merchants banking that is) and their relationship interactions with  worker guild unions and the mason (pre-masonry masons) were amazing

~link ~ Their machines and animal drive hoist inventions were referred to and studied in detail as all massive Cathedral construction were by the Industrialists era – hundreds of years latter

Grand Churches and Cathedrals (all of which that were built prior to the Council) were also design for the acoustics of Liturgical music emanating from the Choir loft towards the high Altar

Millions of people built and designed Sacred Architecture this way for the majority of post -Resurrection salvation history for the purposes of salvation

Engineers and Sacred Architecture – Architects


Ties to Sacred Music

In keeping with this Sacred Tradition – The Center For Music and Liturgy at Yale University will present the Mass of the Divine Shepard at Carnegie Hall on Monday night June 29th @ 7:30pm

400 Voices and 600 Handbells – like a 1st Class High Mass in a Cathedral in the days of old

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