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The inside background story on the latest Neocatechumen Way developments in Italy – credits to Francesca Romano’s translation of Roberto De Mattei from Italia


The silence on the marriage debate from the liberal Bishops in Italy is so embarrassing to Catholics as is the turn-out display response of Catholics overshadowed by the Neocatechumen Way

That sub-plot story is summed up by saying the error of the silence of the Bishops cannot be responded to via using the voices of additional errors or “two wrongs cannot make a right-”

What is the Neocatechumen Way ?

Is it a cult ? Is it a new form of religion within the Catholic Church with alternate dogma- catechesis and an exegesis of it’s own- ?

Is it a heresy –?………..What is it ?-

First of all every movement in Catholicism has academics, it’s roots, it’s own art, it’s philosophy, and it’s theology that articulates it (right or wrong)

What is this movement’s roots – and philosophy?

This post and these links below attempt to investigate and answer that question

First of all the word neo- means “after”

The term used in traditional Catholicism called neo-Catholic refers to everyone that follows the liberal interactions and interpretations in post of the Vatican II Council

George Weigel for instance – the Catholic public speaker and author – decades ago was a traditional conservative Catholic – He is now neo-modern

I didn’t make this term up the Catholic world did

Weigel  theologizes and justifies how all these late John Paul II ultra-ecumenism trajectory events that he began in the Church are very Catholic etc….etc…similar religious Universalism can be found in their Catholic Journal publication “First Things”

He’s now preaching a different religion – In essence he’s Neo

Just recently studying the philosophies of theologies of the neocatehumens I found more correctly these are the correct questions in need of posing to a wider community

If this is not a heresy is it then a new form of a new  Christian Religion within the Church and if so what is it based on on ?

Every heresy category that has ever arisen into the Catholic Church and every heresy that will ever arise in Catholic history has already been addressed by the Roman Catholic Church in detail and had “legal and official” elements of ascent and approval within the Church

Which one does this fall under and what are the facts and details of it ?

Judaism had elements of mystical kabbalism within it that broke away from it after starting from within it like all movements What sat beside the kabbalism movement was gnostic dualism within the Church

It was the only heresy – “Christian Gnosticism” (greater than Islam, since Islam is actually an apostasy not a heresy)  that was ever defined by the Church Fathers as being THE ONE (the only one) that almost destroyed the Catholic Church

And #2 The one form that will always re -raise its head into various forms throughout the rest of Salvation History as predicted by our own Church Fathers

Preconcilar Catholicism by contrast to Dualism Christianity is the Catholicism from the Patrology era that concluded in the early 400s AD, and went  though the Council of Trent 1500s AD and all the way up to the Pontificate of Pius XII following WWII

Some of the hallmarks of preconcilar Catholicism are as follows

  • The theology of the created and uncreated elements of the Holy Spirit
  • The Mother of God as the Mediatrix of All Graces
  • The Hypostatic Nature of Jesus Christ (two wills and two natures in one person) presented in the form of a perennial repeated living blood-less Sacrifice
  • The veneration of the Intercession of Saints through their Novena Masses and Patronage
  • The daily Masses and prayers for the Dead and our reflection on their trajectory through the after life
  • The Mass as an ancient Rite of oblation of sin through “a victim” – with the propitiation of sin being the offering of the Sacrifice of God on earth to God the Father in exchange for not enacting his wrath upon you and your family but instead extending the offer to merge with this Triune entity
  • Mercy as interpreted as being offered to one willing to surrender their whole life to the Lord in exchange for their sins (this means no secular job) but martyrdom or religious life – that’s the authentic Mercy exchange – the rest is false Mercy-

These are some of the hallmarks of “Catholicism” that can be spotted or identified when they run against – philosophies – prayers – reflections – interpretations of Scripture and dogmas or lack there of in other forms

 One clear example

One of the mistakes with offering two species of the Body AND the Blood to the congregants is a theological breach

Body and Blood are separated = death

During the Mass – We die with Christ on an Altar of Sacrifice

Body and Blood come together in Jesus and in the Catholic Priest in the form of the blood drops in the Body performed during the Consecration of the Canon of the Mass.  Holy Communion is WITHIN the Sacred Host of the Body

The re-theologizing is significant. Now the Body itself is in degrees of less importance as a resulting 1 to 1 relationship.– The premature re-assembling in the Mass offered to the people in this way lowers the need or the importance of the physical Body and the rubrics associated with the Mystical Body of Christ are also in turn lowered by significant degrees

The Body the gnostics believe in will not accompany them into the next life – The dozen or more prayers said at the Catholic grave and the importance of the Catholic Cemetery go into dissolution

The Body re-uniting with Soul becomes ‘a concept of option’ in the new religion – Purgatory must then be frowned on The unimportance of the Body then by defacto domino effect introduces semi-acceptance of abortion – contraception – homosexuality and on and on

The soul’s real union with the body and the damned in the body or the salvation in the body is real- Michael Voris of CMTV explains it in much better detail than I am able to and in a better teacher/speaker format

Both versions You Tube and Vortex below – give excellent catechesis reference



Although the new religion rejects these things in words it’s actions….. in it’s theology – carries it out in practice

Lex Credendi Lex Orendi – The Way of Prayer becomes the way of belief

The pre-conciliar methods of prayer are a completely different way of belief and I can attest having lived on both sides of the two Catholic religions for more than a number of years

It’s beyond protestantized type of Catholicism often seen  in the Charismatic movement – it’s the next evolution of it in theology

It is a form of gnosticsm that is typified in the “general neo-Vatican II” movement called the Neo-Catechumen Way

I provide you with some first round references into this study

There are more on the way – and I am also hoping to download a white paper from a well known Priest in the Homeletic and Pastoral Review (which is no longer published in print format but has articles for download on demand) that gets into the academic details of some of the same issues raised below and in order to share to a wider reflection

The evangelical lutheran theology and doctrine of the Neo-Catehcumen way by Marian T. Horvat


Neo-catechumen Theology Questions and Answers


The Kiko religion business – Neocat art with patens – restrictions and requirements


Altering Catholic Doctrine In Kiko’s Catechism and Art (together)


The Theology and Philosophies of the Neocatechumen Way – Reviewed Against Pre-conciliar Catholicsm


Neocatechumen Sectarianism and the philosophy of “the family as a potential idol” ?!


The Neo-Catechumen Professors of Seminaries view of Purgatory = Doesn’t exist

The Kiko view of prayers for the Dead = Eliminate them


The Neo-Catechumen Way Liturgy reviewed on Catholic Culture .org


EWTN Questions -Contesting Canonical Status of the Neocatechumens and Liturgical circus like abuses


This is a two minute video of the Liturgy of the Eucharist in a supposed Mass of the NC (this one is tame compared to some of the others)


Am I wrong to say that this does not look Catholic in any way shape or form ?!

Let us study further the religion of Kiko and Carmen – The religion of the Sombrero Flamingo guitarist Kiko in the Kiko Way so that we can better understand what he is proposing to the Roman Catholic Church in it’s New Way

The Roman Catholic Church is under attack ………..from the inside !

Our Lady Of Fatima Pequannock, NJ