A video response to the current see saw commentary in traditional Catholic circles

CMTV’s Michael Voris and Christine Niles walked through uncharted territory earlier this year in the breaking of old alliances when it aired commentary critical of The Remnant publication and video house which basically also serves as a similar traditional balancing effect on the other end of the spectrum of the current liberal pontificate and the increased numbers of Bishops in heretical positions of theological dissent

The Remnant’s attempt to end the division and unite the resistance movement towards Restoration, in setting the record straight, is remarkable. In this video Michael Matt interviews the president of the Catholic Lawyers Association Chris Ferrara on combing out the positions of the various Traditional sector positions


Unfortunately CMTV made some unfounded accusations of Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara that cannot be backed up with facts There were several accusations one of which is portraying them as being an arm of SSPX which is not correct – Everyone knows they are sympathetic to SSPX but so is our “in communion” Ecclesia Dei organizations as well as within the circles of the various levels of Rome….. so no surprise there

What many might not be aware of is that the much respected Wanderer (Catholic newspaper) had a split in the years that followed the Council implementation and the new Mass that resulted in the arm of the Wanderer, in the faction of Michael Matt’s father and uncle spliting from the Wanderer and forming the Remnant- (traditional Catholic news media )

Michael Voris making the statement that they (CMTV) are really the ones following in the foot-steps of and standing on the shoulders of the late great American German theologian Dietrich Von Hildebrand is not well shored up by facts

Dietrich Von Hildebrand was a highly respected theologian one of the greats of the 20th century and he confronted the Pope together with more than several Bishops and Cardinals about the tragic theological mistakes of the new Mass and some of the Vatican II theological documents errors and he went on “the record” publicly

Dietrich Von Hildebrand (and his great wife & author who has survived him and writes for the Remnant as well as several other traditional Catholic publications) was in lock step with Michael Matt’s father and uncle & the Remnant These people actually contributed to preventing a modern day 1095AD schism of the Church – So to accuse them – former friends in traditional Catholic journalistic circles of suddenly being schismatic and SSPX (which is a large international Catholic movement) of being a small schismatic sect is inaccurate to say the least

As publicly stated by multiple Cardinals that continue to mitigate towards re-unification “Calling them schismatics is NOT the position of the Catholic Church” full stop – The official position is that they are “ ‘ Catholics’ in an irregular Canonical status” and the Excommunication of their 4 Bishops (now 5) had been lifted by our former great Pope Benedict XVI and still stands in effect in both his declaration and his interpretation of Canon Law

Admittedly we are fans of Michael Voris and CMTV but his lack of objectivity on the Pope contrasted with his willingness to go after the Bishops and analyze their often heretical statements down to the gravity of each Bishop’s sin and what level of hell that they would descend to if passing away tonight without repentance is not balanced with the fact that many of these Bishops are following this radically liberal Pontificate to the letter and that the blame clearly (although shared ) has to reside higher up – So there IS a form of denial within the denial (ghost) busters of our era

While name calling of traditional Catholics and ill treatment continues by the current Vatican administration and many of its Bishops continues, in same fashion, the embrace of true schismatics like the Waldensian evangelicals of Italy -with Pope Francis having just told the world the Catholic Church has sinned against them in the past?! just leaves everyone speechless

Do you realize this Pope just declared SAINT POPE PIUS X lives in SIN IN HIS GRAVE for telling the Catholic world that the Waldensian Evangelicals are erred and schismatics ?!


I cannot see where the starkly contrasting dichotomies that go forth every single day between the two Churches can continue to exist in one Church for much longer- The 100th year anniversary of Fatima will see it all come to a head

If anyone wants to examine the late great Dietrich Von Hildebrand actual public letter to the Pope on the Vatican II subject and the new Mass (and what he actually said to the Pope and his administration) in all it’s splendor it can be found at this link recently re-published below

Dietrich Von Hildebrand Confrontation Of Pope Paul VI – On Vatican II And The New Mass


In a related breaking story

The negative and contradictory elements of this Pope’s Pontificate begin to be picked up acknowledged on a wider scale of Priests and Bishops outside of the traditionalist milieu!

A Priest by the name of Father Linus Clovis – gives us a half hour video on the hard hitting facts on “The Francis Effect”

The video can be seen through various outlets probably the best ~attached~ journalism commentaries coming from this first link via  Life Site News which usually hits the mark every time

Father Linus Clovis – The Francis Effect on Life Site News


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In the beauty of Catholic Sacred Tradition

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Saint Peters Square Vatican City, Italy