As always we must start off with the two sides of the coin of the dichotomies, and in always first asking the Lord’s forgiveness in our own failings and then we acknowledge without denial, the crisis within the Catholic Church and two Churches( and at least two major schools of thought) within the one Church, seemingly diametrically opposed to one another on every issue including one key component within Catholic Restoration = Sacred Architecture We then pilgrimage out towards the start of our grand journey

We see here amongst the parish closings- mergers and Cathedral renovations what the trajectory of the “other” school of thought is

Multi-use designs of Cathedrals that violate Sacred Architecture of space dedicated to God herein happening in Berlin but soon to get underway in NYC with several billion dollars worth of Sacred art and architecture and Churches in the sling shot for divestiture in NY – Sacred Architectural societies coming in from other lands to help persuade and differentiate what should not be sold off from what cannot be sold off and then the complex methods of relocating Sacred items of antiquity

Then elsewhere

In the true Resurrection of Sacred Architecture – Here is a preview of what the first Phase of the Catholic Restoration movement will look like

The discussion of what is available for re-dedication and re-assignment from amongst Diocesan warehouses is also contained herein

Church architecture is geometrically designed for the acoustics of voices emanating from a choir loft towards the main Altar

It’s not meant to be the Church attic storage – The Lord designed it for a Sacred purpose that served way over a dozen centuries ! and cannot be disposed of by one generation’s philosophical ideologies in less than one generation – it cannot

When a person comes in from outside Christendom and sees the Sacred Architecture interior of a true temple of God – smells what that temple is meant to smell like during worship – hears the sounds of God thundering from above their heads–hears the Word of God from the Parapet surrounded by a procession of torch bearers and incense and then sees it all lead up to the Lamb becoming the Lion in a Sacrificial Rite of a Covenantal Passover –before their eyes ……..

Then !

Their soul will tell them it’s really God no further persuasion need be necessary as in today’s new Mass goers coming in from various religions needing continuing apologetics sessions and convincing – It should take only one well done High Mass in the proper context for the conduit to be placed with Saints and Angels between Heaven and oneself

Among the re-utilization and rededication efforts of Sacred objects – Sacred art- and architecture , some on a large capital program scale are overseen by the Keely Society – The Irish and American Keeley Architects continue their legacy in some of the most interesting Catholic Restoration efforts in the world

Of the restoration Churches Highlighted Saint Michael’s in Jersey City’s downtown 9th Street is one of the Keely Sacred Architectural wonders also with Joseph Siebel statues

A lone simple marble statue in the middle of a Brooklyn Catholic cemetery that says, at the foot of this Irish man’s grave, “Prince of American Catholic Architecture” rightly tagged by the Priests of the Diocese is all that stands for him in there until he resurrects through the top soil of that grave on the last day

With the two Churches clearly sitting side by side in the one Church the Lost and Found Section emerges for restoration consideration and strong apostolates return to the vineyards and the sound of the concluding Angelus bells

 The Lost and Found Section of Sacred Tradition – What will your grandchildren find in the attic

How about in the Church choir loft what else will they find? A Church Attic ?

Will they find the little bells on washboard ringers that were once mounted to every Sacristy entrance to the Sanctuary that marked the ‘rubrical start and end of any Liturgy’ and what was by Canon Law permitted between the two ringing of the bells–(certainly not personal priestly reflections at the beginning of a Mass)

Will they find the torches for the Acolyte Altar Servers that are meant to line the inside of the Communion Rail at the onset of the Canon of the Mass of the Faithful ?

Will they find the wooden clips to hold the chant sheets to the Choir position’s boards for the various parts of the Mass that are meant to be sung with the prayers of the Mass that are still used in the oldest cloistered monasteries of the world ?

Will they find the engravings into the walls of the choir loft and the stair chambers the symbols of participating in an ancient protected Sacrificial Rite or will they find the post conciliar happy meal banners of episcopalean theology ?

Key Description page(s) within a book on ‘The theology of the Sacred Tradition of the amice, alb, stole, maniple”

Most people don’t realize how many components the Sacred Tradition elements of the Word of God actually have

When the onset of the Catholic Restoration comes into its fullness Sacred Architecture – Sacred Art and Sacred Music restoration will become like the Marines landing on the beach

As authentic Catholic Restoration takes hold most people don’t realize that there will be formed Investigation committees Advisory Societies to Catholic Cemeteries

People that committed suicide or that married the same sex and were buried in Catholic cemeteries under the approval of radicalized liberal Bishops and Chancery officials will have to be dug up one by one …….

Pro-abortion- and pro-homosexual Catholic politicians and the list goes on

They will be respectfully removed – under prayers and supervision of course – possibly even under candle lit vigil and– but removed none the less

The Sacred ground and the Cemetery ceremonial re-blessed each time with hierarchy of incense to the affected adjacent graves standing on Holy ground

An apropos transition subject from that “Incense & prayer offering”is an excellent article for new Rite reform considerations that are underway

“The hierarchy of the Incessation” in the various types of Masses and Office Liturgies (as seen restored at the Sacra Liturgica conferences by our Traditional Catholic Bishops)

The hierarchy of the Incessation~ link ~

An intelligent projection question for us to post to traditional Catholic Bishops should be as to WHEN the post-civil war restoration of the Catholic Church will begin the next and larger roll out Phase ?

 “The altar and dogma are the testing place on which one takes measure of salvation that a creature cannot give to himself.”

From the unique “Traces of the Hegelian Guillotine in the Liturgical Reform (Of the Annus horribilis of 1970) by Alessandro Gnocchi -Translated by Father Richard G. Cipolla” ~Attached below in link ~

Traces of the Hegelian Guillotine in the Liturgical Reform

What will our next generations in post of the planet of the apes find We’re betting that they will discover the beginnings of our Restoration from the ruins


Queen of the Angels – pray for us