Stalwart 40 year traditional Catholic journalist and Vaticanist veteran Sandro Magister has his press credentials suspended by the Holy See.– Revenge taking at hand as he is is targeted as the leaker of the draft of the new Environmental Encyclical even though it was actually L’Expresso in Italy that leaked the document draft and it was only two days before its publishing and the Encyclical is published today almost exactly like the draft – ?! Meanwhile dissenting European Bishops and dissenting supposedly Catholic theologians attached to the Vatican are allowed to regularly publicly say and publish whatever they want completely unabated

Pope Francis then proceeds to hybrid disparate elements of the environment with Scripture and elements of liberation social justice and claims the following are the result of humans and not astronomy or divine providence

All these things that follow, it claims, are the sins of human driven causes

  • rise in atmospheric greenhouse gasses;
  • global warming;
  • the melting of the polar ice caps, glaciers and other masses of ice;
  • the release of methane gas from decomposing matter uncovered by the melting  of ice packs;
  • a rise in ocean levels;
  • an increase in ocean acidity;
  • the decline of the barrier reefs and their life forms;
  • a threat to the existence of plankton;
  • species extinction and the destruction of biodiversity, including not only mammals, but fungi, algae, worms, insects, reptiles,  “innumerable varieties of microorganisms” and mangrove trees (Cf. ¶¶ 20-50).

What is really going on here ?!as a short Catholic discourse at the end of the Encyclical is appended into a humanist document leaves ‘some space at the end for The Eucharist – the Trinity and Our Lady – almost as an after thought

While the release is converged in it’s timing with the double speak of condemning Population Control but by its pharisaical nature saying “that is what it is really all about”

It’s easy to figure out – Look at who’s behind the philosophy, the theology, and the money and it will tell the whole story

Look at who the speakers and presenters are for this Encyclical are

The 4th key note presenter/ speaker appointed is Carolyn Woo ?! The embattled CRS (Catholic Relief Services) president that is pro-abortion- pro-contraception and pro-population control – She joined the other dissenting Catholic theologians who are pro-population control in advocating for it’s ideologies 100%

There is an Intergovernmental Panel from the United Nations and of course a whole group within it whose purpose is ecumenism across religions (the universalism of their camp of the Hans Von Balthasar’s and the Father Robert Barron’s of the world never far away)

The Encyclical then ends with a non-denominational prayer which I would remind  that all official Freemason’s document releases also end with as well

It also hints towards the idea that a supposed stymied ecology is negatively affecting ‘biological evolution’ and gives credos to the philosophies of vatican II modernist philosopher Teilhard De Chardin – Evolution has essentially stopped working because of people (laughs) The leading adviser of the encyclical claims the world is overpopulated by 7 billion people and cannot sustain itself

Professionals refute this in every sector

There was a time when the United Nations was the Catholic Church now with this new paradigm shift – the money and the political power is with the UN and the UN’s religion is rooted in the Gaia religion of green peace and population control and the spread sheets of the billions it spends is a road map of substantiation of that fact

The Catholic Church still rich from centuries past from what the world calls old money is still on the books getting richer only because it is slowly selling itself off , all it’s riches and treasures one step at a time And in many areas the financial concerns of the United Nations are buying up the Catholic Church and it’s deposed holdings – sad as it may be

Pope Francis promised within his first months to continue to attempt to reform the Vatican bank We heard so much about this in the beginning Yet all the insiders know the Vatican Banking system is by majority controlled by Italian Grand Orient of freemasonry and it’s high ranking political members

Now and for a year we have heard nothing more of the reform of the Vatican banking system in it’s original terms of “reform”

When Magister broke the story almost two years ago now that Pope Francis appointment of Vatican Bank IOR was both a homosexual and a mason (Msnr Battistia Ricca) the insiders new that Frederico Lombardo’s marching orders are that in the next opportunity Magister goes out the window

Our current Pope then goes on to proclaim this new social gospel that leans towards goes back to the (UN) balancing of world resources and dealing with the areas of the world’s poverty vs. greed issues which is a completely separate issue

As it takes you there we are transported to the South American coast line and social Liberation Ideology

I believe that if this document were to be written by the United Nations in the Pontificate of Benedict the XVI he would have wrote a contesting paper positioning it on the 100% opposite and opposed to these ideologies end of the spectrum

We’re suddenly in the business of population control with CRS and the UN – While the pharisaical words use the catch phrase terminology and words condemning population control

The devil turns things upside down and makes lies truth and visa versa

I tell you that following this Pope and everything he says and does is not “Being Catholic” but Papalolatry

The secular news and the secular world loves it and everything to do with it

It is not only our right but our duty as Knights of Our Lady and servants of the Truth to form the Resistance Movement that leads to authentic Catholic restoration

If you want the real inside scoop of what is going on behind the scenes in the Catholic Church and the United Nations and the relationship between the supposed human driven Climate Change agenda and Population Control ideologies then please watch this outstanding hour long presentation of CMTV’s Mic’d Up Episode hosted by the Investigative Reporting of the ever Faithful Catholic Christine Niles,d.cWc

Have we begun to witness to fall of the Catholic Church – ?

No because we believe in the eternal Magisterium of the Church to be protected until the end of the world and the Church has had more than several bad Popes or at least ones that continued to propagate severely erred ideologies

But a sign of the beginning of the end of times is most surely the era that has begun

ani-ia in ruins