Several folks have asked the following reasonable question

With the interpretation of the major elements of our Faith undergoing review and in some cases revision by both lay people and high level Catholic Church officials what constitutes “authentic” or ‘orthodox” Catholicism ?

First off people that attempt to follow ‘authentic’ and/or ‘orthodox’ Catholicism are not proclaiming any type of elitism or of being the best or the holiest people by any means

It is more over a proclamation that begins with Marian Consecration at it’s root and all else stems from it

As Father Stephan Miotto FFI points out “If our Lady has inspired us to consecrate ourselves to her, it means that we are needier and weaker than the rest.”

The humility then lies in the foundation of the realization that no trust can be placed in ourselves but constantly confess that without her help and voluntary union to her heart nailed to the feet of Christ that we would fall into the most serious of sins

Through THIS type of humility to our fallen nature to which Scripture refers can we acknowledge, as Father Stephan does, that the Immaculate would not hesitate to uproot from her garden this type of soul if they believed themselves to be superior to others and to which we readily admit inferiority and out of such weakness stems the gift of the power to proclaim the Truth to family, friends, and strangers alike

How can we come to a greater love of the Lord or love of what and who we do not know How can we come to a greater knowledge of whom we seek to love if not through the knowledge and mysteries Our Mother has to share with us In Him through Him and with Him

How can we find our way through the Labyrinth of middle earth – how can we find our way through the doors of discernment and decisions in our lives if not through a Sacrificial understanding of Consecration to our defects and then She becomes the human element in our Lord and in us that will accelerate us upwards through the virtues towards the various degrees of Holiness

How different is this from the protestant lens of Catholicism Or in contrast how different is it for one that merges his or her defects sacrificially with the increasing darkness within the Church and within the world with no denial but with an activated armor as a Knight of the Immaculate in the Church Militant with an abhorring of mediocrity and a constant acknowledgement of our own failings in light of what we seek to overcome !

This is Catholicism – Where militancy meets interior humility in our own Faith and weaknesses

Resistance to the ecclesiastical liberalism & modernism movements – A resourcement to the Church Fathers – A Scriptural exegesis that is “purely Catholic” Reading the lives of the Saints  – Restoration efforts in all things of the other half of the Word of God within the mystical Body of Christ that make up Sacred Tradition The things that give the members of the Body temporal elements of power, as well as those in the eternal realm, that have the ability to transcend the time and space continuum through the sciences of authentic Liturgy

It is a winding road that shows how Marian Consecration can bring an individual inside the mysteries of the Eucharistic Body of Christ- Some say if the road to greater love is greater knowledge than I would fail at the complex theologies and that would then by default bring  both you and I automatically here

An Introduction to Marian Consecrationlink

On Marian Consecration; An Introduction by Giacinto Dagesse

The Theological Foundations of Consecration-link

Marian Consecration -Theological Foundations by Stephan Miotto FFI

The traditional exegesis of Scripture of the Eucharist that typified the joining of the Divine with that which is sacred within Humanity The essence of it that taps the fulfillment of the Old Testament Sacrifice – The Old Testament then becomes a treasure map guide book – a college prerequisite book that shows how every chapter in the bible leads us to the center of our Faith which is old Sacrificial Mass where an existential lamb becomes a transcendent lion converged with humanity that must be voluntarily merged with (in a state of Grace) in order to arrive at the secret key code combination that lets you live forever

The center of Jewish Christianity in the offering of the High Mass as seen in the former jewish feast days in the traditional liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church –link

Sacred_Scripture_Exegesis Of The Sacrifice of The Eucharist _Fullfillment of the Old Covenant by Stephen Pimental

Once this gift is excepted and actuated only then can it even be attempted to be lived in the Divine Will towards the beatific vision – only then can one even attempt to read understand the writings of a Servant of God beatifcation candidate like Luisa Piccarretta

We then arrive at the Essence of the Corpus Christi Procession and all of a sudden it becomes something all together different that the soul is marching towards –link

The Essence Of The Corpus Christi Procession from Resurgent in The Midst of Crisis by Kwasniewski

Far from a greater individuality Christianity or a Holier than others Elitism it is instead the Alpha and the Omega (the starting points are also the ending points) where lives these catch phrases that are so much more than just terms as seen in the words “authentic and orthodox”

May the Mediatrix of All Graces nail our hearts with hers to the feet of Our crucified Lord in all things

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Ave Maria