The coming ideology of eugenics that St. John Paull II warned us would re-emerge in our life time is Here

The movement to put to death all down syndrome babies while still in the womb gains ground

Hitler once chanted to crowds of hundreds of thousands gathered to hear his war mongering rattling drums of the reason for war in the building of a superior race he said

“One day there will come a time where we as Germans will have the “science” and the ability to create a pure and ruling race”

Murder inside the womb and murder outside the womb is changing via the etymology of “newspeak”

How can a human society that calls itself human invent something as evil as “after birth abortion” converting one word “murder” to three new-speak words

Prof slammed for supporting euthanasia for disabled infants Link Disability activists to Princeton: nix Peter Singer

The Priests for Life battle

The Federal Court stays Priests for Life’s HHS-mandate fines (link inset)
Father Pavone: We’ll resist ‘no matter what happens (even under Bishops persecution of their efforts)

Theme of Resistance and Restoration continues


Update on Pro-Life Texas

On The 20 Week Abortion Ban Law

There were 46 abortion facilities in Texas in 2011. After the law’s full provisions kicked in last fall, only eight facilities remained in five cities, statistics provided are according to the Adversary “Fund Texas Choice”

Pro-lifers hail court ruling on Texas abortion laws

Clinics must meet outpatient-surgery safety standards

Donate to the cause to increase Pro-life billboards, banners & signs on State and County roads (not to Bishops Annual Appeals)‎

Divert your tithing instead to the Catholic Resistance and Restoration movement

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