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Cardinal Sarah the Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments publishes a solid paper for peer review for continuing the Benedict XVI initiated Reform of the New Rite in order to reverse the mass exodus (no pun intended ) from the Rite of the new Mass and their recommended re-incorporation of various elements of the Old Rite in the next corrective of the Paul VI Missal edition –

Even the Prefect believes there has been infiltration in the Liturgy and the Theology. It was once said by Benedict XVI that it could conceivably take several phases over course of multiple generations to correct the many and varied unofficial changes that were made to the Mass

 Full translation of the Prefect’s paper located here


Danilo Quinto Italian journalist is then fired for his unrelenting investigative reporting on infiltration of Freemasonry surrounding Vatican work and business The policy of crushing critics of the Papacy continues especially when related to any administrative ties to Masonry

The journalist’s photograph inset in the article is a photo of Emma Bonino seen with the grand master of the grand orient of Italy ?!

 Article link here


The USCB ignoring just about all of the major Catholic issues besetting the Church held a public announcement session this past week on its plans to issue writings and teachings switching in focus from Doctrinal and Dogmatic Catholic teaching perspective to a purely Social Teachings orientation. The new focus will  instead be on things “they feel ” are important to the Pope like Immigration – Climate Change & the Environment and international poverty programs – That is if you can believe it – It also made national ABC news


Quickly forgotten is the Bishop of Kazakhstan Jan Pawel’s open letter to the Vatican on the corruption within the Order of Bishops and the penetration of Masonry that was released earlier this year – 2015 ….Amazing


The stark dichotomies are amazing

The Eastern Catholic Bishops in the echo of silence from the government’s of the west are turning to their own to consider re-establishing the Catholic armies to defend against the slaughter of their people at the hand of the Muslims by the thousands. Instead what comes is a deep study on Climate Change

Personally I think  satanic are the only words to describe the trajectory

Even in the face of an entire contingency of high level scientists that joined forces to write an open public letter to the Vatican on the nature of this unproven theory and how the climate is cyclical and dependent upon Astronomy (which the Liturgists are completely aware of since it is chanted in various Liturgies and Psalms)

A summary of the contestation of the theory about to be echoed by the Pope via the supposed Pontifical Academy of Sciences can be found here including the link to the letter to the Holy Father as these Scientists almost beg the Pope not to issue such misinformation


– It’s down right embarrassing

But at it’s center we learned is a large and growing re-establishment of international post conciliar ecumenism – German protestantism and European judaism driving the new collegial commissions being formed -Nothing will stop that especially not the truth

We’re going to look really stupid as Catholics trying to convert the world to the Truth ( not just while something is about to be released that will be refuted by every major expert as soon as it’s released ) but while it’s people are being slaughtered at the hands of a radical pagan religion while our leaders continue to tell the rest of the world that they’re cool that’s just the radical ones among them

How can we know what the Truth is amidst all this

The real 3rd Secret of Fatima is about the coming age of the Infiltrated Church

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