First off, Cardinal Dolan is betrayed by Satan –

Thinking that an unofficial old school boys club agreement on standing down on fighting the homosexual agenda would give him an agreement on State backed funding of his Catholic Schools program provided the Cardinal with a wake up call – He found out that fallen angels not only lie to humans but to each other

As the homosexual acceptance in exchange for school funding deal fell through behind the scenes a domino effect then occurs

Just like when the Bishops made an allegiance with the Democrats to force Common Core on Catholics with children in Catholic schools, as well as fostering the Conciliar ideology of false ecumenism with protestantism, protestant theology, and in a growing number of dioceses with islam.

Orthodox Catholics then escalate the move to Home Schooling systems in greater and greater numbers Currently the gap as to what is taught in Catholic Catechesis in a traditional Catholic home schooling setting vs. a Diocesan CCD or RCIA class is wider than the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

This doesn’t even touch on the subject of much lower academic standards in Common Core, especially in the area of mathematics, in a overall program which advertises itself as creating level playing field in a greater good (even if that means lowering standards in some areas) – That greater good is both philosophically and in its essence a form of socialism

An overview of the riches of Catholic Home Schooling on the other hand can be found here

It is a essentially a larger scale witness that a greater number of faithful Catholics have begun to participate in ending the denial in the Catholic Church that the mainstream US Catholic Church (as well as other major provinces of the Church) have begun to teach a different religion !

I urge you for the sake of the soul of your children to abandon Bishopric lead Diocesan education

They have begun to teach in Catholic schools in the wide open daylight that moral law is subjective and absolute Truth should be rejected and the Order of Bishops in the US (other than the Traditional Catholic Bishops ) have expressed no particular objections

Therefore we must reject their system in totality

Truth begins here

Is There Truth, a Moral Law That We Can All Know?” and it’s terrific. Again, that’s

The Catholic grammar school of Saint Francis that my Dad went to from Kindergarten to 8th Grade is the same one that I attended from Kindergarten to 8th Grade and the school I always wanted my children to attend as well but today that school does not exist

The Catholic HS in Jersey City, NJ that my brother attended likewise – fallen – No such animal anymore

In a US Catholic Diocese, unless it is one of the ones in the extreme minority led by a stalwart like Bishop Cordileone out west or a Diocese like Witchita Kansas it must be abandoned due to the jeopardy it places the souls of children

Witchita Kansas Diocese, as you may already be familiar with, instituted a Diocesan wide tithing program with excellent participation from young families all the way through to senior citizens It is engineered to keep Catholic schools faithfully Catholic by being independent of corrupted US Govt funding and Bishop’s annual appeals

From their own statement

“The Diocese of Wichita is unique. No second collections. No bishop’s annual appeal. What is expected of every parishioner is expected of every parish: a tithe.”

More on that Holy enclave here

In the land of the Democrats and political liberals of the NY -NJ area we can hope but always be far off from such utopian vision For now we need to be realistic understand the full crisis the Church hierarchy is in and not contribute to the problem by ignoring it or denying it but by identifying it and combatting it

#1 Catholic rejection of Common Core

It’s time to begin local group links to NJ and NYC Catholic Home Schooling networks

Come up to Dobbs Ferry NY on July 31st and August 1st just to see how large the Catholic restoration movement has grown to – It’s not just a couple dozen people meeting in some Diocese basement anymore

It’s also not just for families with children but for everyone – Everyone must be aware that there is not only a culture war going on but a civil war within the Catholic Church – Understand that Germany is set to become, this fall,  the second national Catholic Church not in communion with Rome in following large sections of Catholic Poland that created a Polish National Church

The NY Catholic Home Schooling Conference now normally draws several hundred people in attendance, with the the National Conference close to two thousand people.

Of course we have exceptions seen here as in the rare US Bishop that confronts the homosexual agenda but it continues to be the across the board exception rather than the norm

Among the very stark contrasts that can be found is the speed of the post vatican II revolution in the Church

Here is a look at beautiful archived footage from County Cork Ireland in the 1940s that was at one time common and not rare- amongst formerly Catholic Ireland A Corpus Christi Procession video showing the then normal and now unbelievable turn-out

Watch this 5 minute video and you will say out loud How – How could they have destroyed so much of the Church from the inside of the Church How could we have come this far from our parents’ generation to now – This Council has taught it’s people lies and it seeks to further deepen the trajectory of the relationship with protestantism in both partnership and ecumenical theology – It’s evident by the constant statements attesting to same that come out of the current administration and it’s Bishop conferences

Protestantism has already (past tense) fallen. Denominationalism is in its last decades of existence and the Catholic Church is completely in denial about that fact as well

Tony Campolo, whom I’m sure you’re already familiar with as a popular protestant preacher from west Phili, is now urging not only his fellow Baptists but all Christians to embrace sodomite marriages !

And now we have Catholic Bishops in the world over saying that we should revisit the subject of sodomy as no longer in and of itself an abject evil In our lifetime before your very eyes.

For these reasons and others Home Schooling is of course now met with Bishophric oppression due to the home schoolers rejection of the new Catholic religion

Some examples

They are requiring couples in order to be married in a Catholic Church not only to be aware of NFP but to be fully trained in practicing it –They are also teaching that limiting the amount of births is not always a bad thing ?!

The Couple to Couple League of Cincinnati Ohio called The New Corinthians, with full Bishophric approval, teaches sex education starting at Kindergarten level and NFP beginning at Fifth Grade Their spiritual director is a Priest by the name of Father Marx, the executive director of Human Life League, is now teaching NFP to be “Natural Fertility Regulation” and to be completely licit

We must know this to be abject evil and it will come to be taught not only in public schools but on a wider plane in this new Catholic religion

A separate post with investigation and expose within the evil movement of NFP will be forthcoming

The Catholic Church instead is largely ignoring (especially in the US) the challenges to it’s doctrine – dogma and theologies

Instead the Church is choosing to change the focus to make the poor the primary focus as well as social justice, immigration and climate change

Jesus said “You will always have the poor with you” And no where in Sacred Scriptures can it be found where poverty is a sin (at least when I last checked)

The Pope’s upcoming encyclical on Climate Change has just had an entire team of former NASA scientists write an open letter to the Vatican explaining the flaws in the unproven theories of human driven climate change and the propaganda of the UN movement driven by it’s fraternal twin the population control movement that it is always wedded to in one form or another – as most of the Green Peace movement are Gaia religion related steeped in methods of population control for the “greater good” with large $ of it’s funding also going to Euthanasia non-for profit propagation concerns

We respectfully realize that we do not have an academic scholarly pontificate in place – We have to pray that the Lord will help us end the oppression that we ourselves as Catholics have put ourselves into

Don’t feel alone – The denial is ending in many sectors and the Catholic restoration movement has started

We are not the only ones that are not accepting the new Catholic religion

A good overview on the landscape of the Schooling situation can be found here

What is authentic Catholicism ?

There is something known as the “Eternal Magisterium of the Church” or in sacred tradition known as the “ Sensus Fidelium of the Eternal Magisterium of the Mystical Body of Christ”

Truth is absolute There can never be multiple Truths

What is therefore authentic Catholicism is not what any Priest Bishop Cardinal or even one that wears white has to say

What is authentic Catholicism is what was ALWAYS held to be true – throughout the centuries – By Magisterial proclamations, by the early Church Fathers, and by the teachings of the great Saints and Doctors of the Church when it is synchronous and corroborated over hundreds of years and always held to be True by the Magisterium of the Mystical Body of Truth.  This is where Truth lives

Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

What we must prepare ourselves and our children for is martyrdom ! –to fight to the death for authentic absolute Truth

We will go down fighting if necessary. For we serve Her Son. Come let us ride out and engage the enemy

“Let the horn of Helm Hammerhand be sounded again once more in the deep”

Mary Victrix