The Commissar that was appointed by the Vatican’s ‘Congregation of Religious’ over the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata and whose ruling regime turned into an oppressive reform intended to purge the order the order of all Catholic Traditionalism has just passed away This followed a sudden and massive stroke several weeks ago

Let us all pray for the repose of his soul and to continue in our world-wide requested prayer drive to have our Lady free this beautiful Order ( fashioned in the spirituality and charisms of Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe ) from oppressiveness in an anti-traditional idealism that abhors per-concilar Catholicism

Let us also pray for the many Friars the late Commissar caused to leave the Order and let us entreat all things to our Lady in her Immaculate Heart and petition her to help us return to the this spirituality, doctrine, and theology at the heart of Catholicism and away from the oppressive politics which infects our Church in this era

Ave Maria


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