A patient, following an accident several years ago, has been going in and out of consciousness but is still fully alive

The European Court of Human Rights has just ruled that the Hospital can starve the patient to death

They want his organs- full stop

What they won’t tell you is that will begin the organ removals prior to full death – They will declare him dead ( as they have to while he is close to death but not dead)

Court Rules Disabled Patient Can be Starved to Death Against His Will

The European Court of Human Rights has traversed far on the spectrum in one year

Exactly one year ago they ruled the other way and sued a hospital for Harvesting – but now organ fishing and harvesting has become big business

Organ transplantation without consent at a public … – hudoc

What is being forgotten is when the 3rd Reich came to power and hardly anyone was brave enough nor could build enough consensus fight them – The US was not even in the picture yet, out and about still floating on the old live and let live principals Even throughout the human tortures in Nuremberg it was forbidden to euthanize and or remove organs of the disabled

The culture of death rises to power by the minute The scary part is that people are falling in line without objection exactly like in the days of Hitler

The woman’s right to an abortion because it’s her body What about the rights of the Body inside her who’s body is that ?

The Hospital has “rights” in having to perennially care for a disabled person as the healthy person that needs the disabled person’s organs may have greater “rights” according to the redefining rights

The homosexual and the polygamist has rights to marry whomever they want and as many as they want and not necessarily marriage between two people They should have rights to marry animals if they so choose if these rights are ruled by the people to be the desire of their rights by majority

But what about the rights of God  ?- Should the rights of men be allowed to be voted into the majority above the rights of God ?

The new Christian world of non-denominationalism has also fostered a world wide Christian democracy -in following in lock footstep with this masonic (and it is straight out of the masonic handbook) egalitarianism

Orthodox Liturgical Christianity makes the claim that Biblical Jewish Christianity of Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism is based on Theocracy – If we are to re-order Christianity which also must then re-order Christology (the formulaic make up of who Jesus Christ is) which is already under complete evolution within protestantism and make it instead based on a model of vote has it not then been ordered to the majority of fallen creation which brings us back to square one and why it was necessary for God to become humanly incarnational and enter his own creation in order to save us from this very same thing ?!

Some might claim that a business case is being made here for the satanic nature of protestantism

You would need to pardon the pun “judge that individually’ for yourself

Christus Vincit Christus Regnat Christus Imperat