Key Note Speaker of The Thursday Sessions of Sacra Liturgica USA Archbishop Cordileone review

In addition to being the key note speaker of a day long agenda of Conference Speakers, centered around the Dominican strong hold of the Priory and parish of Saint Catherine of Siena several blocks from the speaking halls of Hunter College, there was also an optional paid lunch venue at the Dominican Priory on 68th Street where His Eminence presided

The lunch time talk by the stalwart Archbishop Cordileone was sponsored by the Cardinal Newman Society, Ex Corde Eccelsiae, Promoting and Defending Faithful Catholic Education

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In the lunch time talk on both Education and the Liturgy the Cardinal mentioned the dangers of horizontal worship as opposed to vertical worship due God alone and discussed the beauty of the Sacred Traditions of our Faith of which the Traditional Latin Mass as a primary example

He also said we should be careful not to dismiss the other movements in the Church that have substantial merit such as the Charismatic movement and the Neo-catechumen movement

Following his talk I posed the lead question of the session to his Eminence – thanking him for his militant defense of Catholic education – I cited having experienced myself in the past both the Neo-Catechumen way and the Charismatic movement and found it to be in keeping with his comments on the dangers of horizontal worship to both be extreme examples of horizontal worship as well as Liturgical abuse and asked if this is not  in and of itself leading to moral relativism  in the sense of a negative impact to Catholic education

He acknowledged having encountered for himself both of my comments in these movements and for it to be a difficult problem to solve – However he said he has personally experienced orthodox Catholics in both movements supporting both him and traditional moral Catholicism

He said that liturgical abuse might apply to the former movement but to the latter movement of “the Neo-Catechumens” the phrase Liturgical abuse might not apply since they “seemingly” have their own rubrics apart from or divorced from the Western Roman Rite (With my personal experience having found the Charismatic movement to be at the fringes of Catholicism or bordering closest to protestantism in both theology and practice – and the neo-catechumen movement to be outside of Catholicism in both theology and practice) Archbishop Cordileone acknowledged that the one most in danger of becoming a para-Church he said, and needing to be monitored, are the Neo-Catechumens

In the same talk and covered in detail in the following link below by another writer he blasted gender ideology saying the clear biological fact is that a human being is born either male or female Yet now we have an idea gaining acceptancve that biological sex and one’s person al gender identity can be at variance with each other with more and more gender identities being invented

His Eminence  commented on the University housing request for (now currently) 14 different genders- His comment that the amount of new gender types yet to be invented is sure to go up – received laughter from the audience

There were references made to the circus in public culture without direct references by name of the Vanity Fair cover article where Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn

What is clear is that there is coming a time as the Caitlyns rise to power that contesting them will make us criminals according to the coming days of darkness laws


San Francisco archbishop blasts gender transitions as threat to faith

One of the questions in the main forum that was posed to the Archbishop is why does the Archbishop stand so alone with few Bishops rallying to the same vocal cords

The question received a rounding ovation to which the Archbishop laughed and said good question

Coincidentally simultaneously support from other international Bishops begins – On this subject of Catholic Education and speaking with the Cardinal Newman Society – Archbishop Niestedt comments as covered by CMTV


More positive signs, as another sympathetic Archbishop gives a discourse detailing the current trajectory in an excellent academic prose on the subject of “the suicide of humanity”

Following the previous evening’s Traditional Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – that the Archbishop assisted with (a Votive Mass of the Holy Angels) that followed traditional Liturgies of the previous days including another Usus Antiquitor Mass offered with Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke on Monday night

Some highlights form the Archbishop’s talk from the day’s keynote address are as follows

Archbishop Codileone discussed the pitting of Empiricism vs Scientific Idealismand the current US government’s new pitting of freedom of religion distinction against giving only freedom of worship

Francis Beckwith and the reverberations of the enlightenment are to be repeated it seems

New US law in effect that a person now has a right to “define the Universe” as well as his own life !

We must remember Jesus says “I am NOT praying for the world but for those my father has given me”

Fasts Feasts and Liturgies provide the discipline of our lives

Proper Church constructions to the Sacred is criticized as financially improper given the amount of poor hungry we have

The Archbishop stated in response to this iconoclastic critique is that there are many types of hunger – Great beauty is given access to the poor in great Churches

Quoting the woman(whose cause is being advanced towards ‘Venerable” Dorothy Day “The Church is the conduit whereby the invisible of the sacred becomes the physical and the visible” and to which many are excoriated for propagating as such

This beauty  seen in the many lyrical passages on our Davidic Queen in the Song of Songs in the mystical knowledge we posses

The Sacramental Marriage of a man and a woman akin to the marriage between Christ and the Church

If the Church is not the physical bride of Christ than who is the marriage super of the Lamb with ?!

The Baldenchino and the tabernacle veil represents this
Unlike the protestant misquoting of Scripture of Jesus words from the Cross – “It is finished” in KJV and NAB

The correct Latin Vulgate translation the Archbishop says is “It is consummated” (as in a Marriage)

The Church was given to the world on Pentecost but was given birth to and given to the Apostles at these words from the Cross

A woman’s veil in Church is the veiling of the Sacred that is incarnational

Monotheism and Monogamy are parallel

In the same way that Polytheism and Polygamy normally go hand in hand (which also gives evidence to the proper rooting of Islam in Polytheism)

Deleterious consequences result and in what is coming

Pantheism then is the evil spirit that is constantly tugging at the hem of the garment of the Church

Restoration will take many forms the Cardinal says – returning to Friday fasting(s) and abstinence should be one of them !

We must educate ourselves as well as others before we can propose the Truth to a society in rapid downward spiral !

In the words of Hilare Beloc he quoted what we need to show them “We need Faith in order to retain reason”

* There are hopes the full talks will be made available soon *

 Laudetur Jesu Christus Et Maria Immaculata