Part #2 – Expose’ – Adding to yesterday’s posting on the heresies the US Bishops support of the National Catholic Bio-Ethics Center positions are Vaccines, an active component of the industry of the Culture of Death

Additions from yesterday’s NCBC – Heresy – “Organ Harvesting” in Live Patients In Catholic Hospitals, under the full support of The US Bishops, are the following substantiations

But doctors She’s alive !

Catholic hospital bent on harvesting her organs says “No she’s not alive” and continue until she wakes up to stop them and tells them “I’m alive !”

The Dark Side of Organ Donation

Organ Harvesting Is Always Done On The Living

Prestigious British Medical Journal “Half of scientific papers are bogus, why order society around their latest claims?”                              

We have as the next, major NCBC (National Catholic Bio-ethics Center) heresy – Vaccines and The Culture Of Death

National Catholic Bio-ethics Center “It should be obvious that vaccine use in these cases does not contribute directly to the practice of abortion since the reasons for having an abortion are not related to vaccine preparation”

That’s a full heresy right there full stop – that’s moral relativism – humanism and philanthropy all rolled into one modernism approach BROUGHT INTO THE LIGHT OF DAY

National Catholic Bio-ethics Center “One must follow a certain conscience even if it errs, but there is a responsibility to inform one’s conscience properly”                 Indirect Heresy

Question : What do I do if there is no alternative to a vaccine produced from these Abortion derived cell lines?

National Catholic Bio-ethics Center “One is morally free to use the vaccine regardless of its association with abortion”                                                                Full Heresy

National Catholic Bio-ethics Center “We should use an alternative vaccine other than one using abortion cells only if one is available if not you’re conscience is clear”                                                                                                                            Full Heresy

One is morally free to use the vaccine regardless of its association with abortion ?!
Really ?!

Here are the direct web links to the National Catholic Bio-Ethics Center (in case anyone thinks I’m making this up They are calling it Church teaching !) with complete support of the USCB – (The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops) backed by their Democrat linked Federal Grant System

FAQ on the Use of Vaccines
• What is the Church’s teaching about the use of certain vaccines that have a distant historical association with abortion?
• What does it mean when we say that these products are made in “descendent cells”?
• How does one know when a particular vaccine has an association with abortion?
• What does one do if a physician recommends one of these vaccines?
• Are there any vaccines for which there are no alternatives?
• What do I do if there is no alternative to a vaccine produced from these cell lines?
• What support is there in Church teaching for this position?
• What can I do to ensure that alternative vaccines will be made available?
• Am I free to refuse to vaccinate myself or my children on the grounds of conscience?
• Won’t my use of these vaccines encourage others to destroy human life for research purposes?

Resources and The Hidden Truth About Anti-Catholic Vaccines –                       Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid !
A personal testimony from a Traditional Catholic homeschooling Mom with annotations and support resources provided

Barbara came to NJ to speak to five moms by request to explain to us what was in the vaccines.

In the fall of 1990 we attended the National Vaccine Information center’s first conference in Alexandria, VA.
I spent much time after the first shot taking my son to homeopathic doctors in Connecticut and Pennsylvania trying to undo any damage that was done to him by the shots.

I then formed a non profit organization called Alternatives in Mothering, Inc. educating moms to vaccines and formed several support groups.
What I learned was the political push to vaccinate generically.
What I didn’t know was that the blood line of both “our” families is susceptible to reacting.
My family has lots of auto immune diseases.
It was terribly upsetting a few years later that my cousin – – called me to tell me that his son was autistic.
He said he was sorry that he hadn’t taken my warning seriously.
It was the saddest phone call I have ever received.

You are the parents of your babies.
I will never question what decisions you make on their behalf,
but I could not in good conscience keep from you family history that others in the family blood line have been affected by vaccines.

With this information I can offer you some suggestions that I didn’t know about:
1) wait till the baby is at least a year old and his/her immune system is more developed
2) give the shots one at a time in order to minimize reactions and thus know which one may cause a problem
3) only offer the dead virus versus the live virus dose
4) only offer those vaccines that are life threatening
5) realize that every state offers an exemption to vaccines (religious, medical and philosophical)
6) give homeopathic vaccines

There are several organizations that are quite helpful in this regard

For us we used a religious exemption for all our sons when they were in school.
At one time our pediatrician wrote us a medical exemption, but I found it more difficult to get the medical exemption every year
as opposed to the religious exemption which I only had to give out once.

With regards to the religious exemption we used a very simple three sentence letter that I can show you,
but I always had more detailed religious exemptions that I was prepared to offer as a back-up.
In all the years I offered the simple exemption I was NEVER asked for more information with regards to our religious beliefs.
We even had Catholic documents with regards to our moral issues when using vaccines that had been created by using aborted babies.

This is the leading organization for this information. A devout Catholic woman from NJ runs this group

For 25 years these women have been involved reading and researching on this question.
I urge you to think it through carefully, research it based on your own family make up and pause before blindly vaccinating.The majority do not know any better and I completely trusted their doctors without question.
What I didn’t realize was that he may know science and medicine but he didn’t know my own family genetic makeup and the risks to us uniquely and individually.

Non – Vaccine family support groups

I ask you as the experts on your baby and your family to carefully consider questioning giving vaccines to your babies till you look into it.
I offer you this with love and respect.

This month Dr. Mercola’s website is offering this movie for free
I thought I would share it with you.
Vaccines—Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?

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