“Brain Death” – Redefining Death

Is it appropriate to use neurological criteria to determine death?

National Catholic Bio-ethics center says the exact same thing the pro-abortionists say – “Yes, It’s the law!” and they then quote the corrupt initial California landmark law that made it so


Even the ethical Neurological Doctors that are not Catholic will tell you that using a short snap shot of brain activity to determine death is a corrupt means of determining death

They also quote of course the questionable (non-infallible) Pope John Paul II teachings on the subject

 This is no criticism or denunciation, by any means, of John Paul II who was a great man and who was one of the primary facilitators of freeing the Eastern Bloc from Communism through an Eastern Catholic restoration

However John Paul II was not a theologian and his primary ministry was “human freedom” and originally & for years (to abolish Communism) through Polish theatre

He was primarily a Humanities and Arts major

His world lens was admittedly Philanthropy and Humanism





Hence arose the First casualty of these very well-meaning but non-Catholic philosophies which was when the Sacrament of Marriage was redefined by the culture of Vatican II

In pre-conciliar old Rite Catholicism 1917 Canon Law and Catechism of the Council of Trent held to be true that Marriage is Ordered to Procreation as its PRIMARY END

The 1983 Canon Law and the 1996 Catholic Catechism (products of Vatican Ii) re-ordered the basic “Unitive virtues” of Marriage and to it’s “ equality” with Procreation which led to it’s implementation by Bishops and Liberal theologians to a primacy over Procreation which Benedict XVI while prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith objected to but could not stop

Another root simultaneously occurred in the promoting of Contraception through the Bishops Conference in the rebellion to Paul VI’s ” Humanae Vitae ” (he had already lost the helm at that point ) and the Bishops Conference of Canada united to publicly and formerly rebuke the Pope – and extol Contraception in an open public letter ( In the previous century the Country of Canada would have been excommunicated) – The United States Catholic Church then unofficially adopted the same unwritten policy and lock stock and barrel accepted Contraception in the majority of all quarters of the US Catholic Church (with the exception of the Traditional Orders and some rare enclaves throughout the US)

Once the act of Marriage was separated from Procreation as a primary end as Law and Sacred Tradition (even if it was done unofficially and only culturally through the media , theatre and other means it was done) and US Bishops never said another word about it publicly) – Abortion and Homosexuality were then given philosophical and small “t” tradition licenses to proliferate exponentially following in the ‘seemingly’ acceptable vast wake of the separation of the marriage act from procreation as the primary end of the law of Sacred Tradition

The Vatican II teachings on this, the 83’ Canon Law, and the 96’ CCC, (like the errors of the Muslim subject and others) in essence violate Infallible Catholicism and the Traditional Rite of what was always held to be Catholic Truth– and are at the root of the problem

In the realm of Truth one stark contrasting set of examples among many in addition to the Catechism of the Council of Trent (which is Doctrinal) is the declaration of Pius XI Casti Connubii on marriage – located here – are a vastly different Catholic teaching of solid antiquity


Instead of the authentic Catholicism of Casti Connubii what we have is “The Theology of the Body” and the philosophical heresies of the Christopher West’s “ of the world “- pun intended – and their implementation embellishments

All of protestantism, as we all know, accepts Contraception(100%) with no exceptions (0%) Even for the denominations that reject Abortion, when a protestant pastor of same is confronted with the fact that his congregation is supporting $ abortion through the same pharmaceutical drug in an abortifacient traded on Wall Street with active ingredients also in “the pill” in slightly altered form but the same traded $ stock and company he runs from you mumbling about each person’s personal relationship with the Lord

Vatican II through Nostrae Aetate (some argue the most contested and controversial of all Vatican II – new Catholic Church teachings ) – calls for mutual hybrid events with the people of these protestant murderous errors

How can we worship together and condone murder in our midst? it’s simple, the new philosophy they replaced Thomistic Scholastics is the philosophy of “pluralism and egalitarianism” propagated through the new Rite

As soon as VII dismantled doctrinal separation – through pluralism and Nostrae Aetate – (you have to give it credit for it’s unintended dismantling of the old protestant denominations) into the Pluralistic child that it gave birth to in “non-denominationalism” That was a pure V-II child

So now we have de-evolved and the stage is set – Without re-ordering the philosophical and theological bases of authentic Catholicism the downward spiral can only escalate

So how is the dissolution related to the Catholic Church of Ireland that followed ever so closely the US Catholic Church ?

First it started with the corrupt money flowing in from the US from the lobby of “Atlantic Philanthropies” which (have high level Catholics involved) and who poured millions and millions Into Ireland – detailed out here in this pdf link


If a peoples reject the last of 7 Covenants made between God and man – Scripture says the Lord with forsake the land – If they do not wish to be ruled by Truth they will have for themselves another master

If they will not be ruled by a Theocracy like us they will eventually- like our country – and in short order- be ruled by an Imam through a Mosque – it’s that simple

As the Bob Dylan song goes “Everybody’s gotta serve someone” in our case it’s the Lord

The infiltration of the Church is deep my friends We are surrounded by seminars – teachings and conferences that should be termed “Heresy Inside The Walls”

These are things the new Church of nice adamantly does not want it’s people to know and to which the “professional Catholics” that work for the clergy shun us for discussing publicly

But only through propagating the Truth and through the Sacrament of Penance can true Restoration come

Among the Catholic Restoration of our grandchildren and great grand-children’s era when they look back on the failed philosophical fads of various Popes and eras this will be one of them

Theologian Michael Malone once said (over ten years ago) “I don’t know if NFP has risen to the level of a ‘hot button’ for you yet but some day it will – Theology of the Body and Natural Family Planning will, one day, be viewed from their rightful home in the trash bin of fallible theological fads that did great harm to the Church and her Faithful” ……..as re-quoted from Dr. Jay Boyd of Oregon from her blog “Philothea On Phire” www.philotheaonphire.blogspot.com/

The basis philosophy of NFP is you guessed it (who’s on first) “Philanthropy” it’s sister in the theological sciences is of course “Wicca”

But for now – we’re on the National Catholic Bio-ethics Center which is in so deep with the Democrats and the US Catholic Church that it is financially and theologically corrupt Not only can their teachings not be followed but it must be fought by the Catholic restoration movement

In another story we’ll highlight the corruption in the medical Vaccines movement, the relationship to the Abortion industry – the Catholic Hospitals umbilical cord blood bank business and Contraception and how filled with corrupt $ the National Catholic Bio-ethics Center is in also backing the Vaccine business and seeking to ignore the relationships to the Abortion industry through it’s advocation of Catholic adoption of the new philosophies of pluralism -it’s right on their National web-site !

The relationship between Abortion – the Annual Vaccines programs and it’s engineering  that is causing widespread autism and a whole host of other malformations in children is (although catastrophic to the human race) is only a little sister when compared to the Organ Harvesting business both the Catholic Church Hospitals and the National Catholic Bioethics Center are involved in with full participation of the US Bishops and attempting to acculturate the acceptance of it’s teachings and philosophies into the mainstream of Catholic blood

Here it is at it’s core – Look at this – This is just one of thousands of similar cases

1 in 5 are purposely misdiagnosed


Shhhhh !

You’re not supposed to tell anyone …….about the “declared brain dead business” It’s equivalent to announcing the Emperor Has No Cloths On

You’ll be taken away in the middle of the night

You’re not supposed to tell anyone else that Pope Pius XII declared that not only brain but heart and breathing ! must be dead and the American definition is false and all the Neurologists in the world know it but if they don’t keep their mouths shut they will become part of ostracized doctors of the new and growing “medical black list’

The Catholic Hospitals have not been crushed to the ground along with the majority of Catholic Schools and Catholic Adoption Agencies just yet because they are serving a purpose and they are acquiescing to THE HARVEST !


They are harvesting human organs of living people in a multi-million dollar industry ! – Paid cell phones with full data plans on PRIORITY FREQUENCIES  for hundreds of people that are out there  awaiting the “every single weekend” motor cycle victim

They will declare him brain dead before Monday morning and IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a team of professional vultures will descend on the Body and remove the majority of his Organs

Vultures In Waiting On The Englewood Cliffs of the Pailsades Waiting To Descend

They will wheel him or her on a stretcher bed to various parts of the hospital AFTER BEING DECLARED DEAD BUT WHILE STILL ON LIFE SUPPORT !- LAUGHS

His soul is still in his Body as they begin the Harvest

Vultures At Work

This is what the Theology of the Body has brought to bear upon God’s Covenantal people


If you say –out loud – as they wheel the body past you -“He’s still alive !” They will say Shhhh or if like Charlton Heston did, if you shout “Soylent Green is PEOPLE !” they will label you a crazy – If you become too activist you will be “visited” as we have

There are former Doctors from Catholic Hospitals that have been blacklisted and know better than anyone that  if the US Democrat’s regime gets in for another term and or the US Catholic Church gets in any deeper into the ‘federal grant’ business with them in the creation of this new religion that if you speak out there is going to be consequences

The time is coming where you will have your phone tapped and or you will be taken away for questioning in the night

My friends

It’s begun

The walls of Helms Deep have been breached

They are inside the Church !